We have turned a corner. For the longest time I have been wanting to write something for this blog, but it all felt so negative. The low frequency energy was so pervasive, it was difficult for me to find my way out of it, rise to the light and write something positive. A dozen times I started a post, but always scrapped it as I didn’t want to add to the darkness. Now it has all changed!

More than a year ago my guys gave me an unsolicited, rather random download. It came as a surprise and I haven’t talked about it too much. I’ve just been letting it sit in my thoughts without examining it. They said this reality is likened most to a computer software program. This didn’t come as a surprise to me, as I’ve always been aware that our world is holographic in nature and is a projection of our thoughts. So, I wasn’t sure why they bothered to give me this quick little tidbit of info. Until today. I woke up this morning feeling as if the world had been scrubbed clean…like we’d had a super-duper anti-virus program initiated. Actually, it was about 2 am when I came wide awake from a deep sleep, sat up in bed and just knew it had all changed. There was no dark energy lurking nearby. I have lived with the continual need to clear my space, my energy field and protect myself from these attachments for the past several years. Now it is all gone. And my knowingness is that it will not return.

I have been getting a ton of emails from people asking for help in stopping attacks or other nasty, nefarious activities around them. Gently, I remind them that we are the ones initiating these experiences. Nothing….No Thing, happens to us without our consent on some level. So, if that is the case, why have so many of us been subjected to this kind of activity? From my understanding, there are a few reasons that resonate with me.

In cases of the volunteers, lightworkers or starseeds that experience this sort of thing, I believe it is part of our contract and mission to transmute much of humanities fear based, victim energy. We are taking on the low frequency of this energy and neutralizing it. We innately know we cannot be victims. We don’t blame or accept guilt. We just allow. Some forgive, but many of us know we don’t even need to forgive…it just is. By taking on this role we transmute huge chunks of the negative, dark energy engulfing this planet and that allows the light to shine through from our Father/Mother God (or Creator…whatever word works for you).

Another reason many of us have agreed to take on this unpleasant experience is because we just want the experience. For many volunteers it is our one and only incarnation onto this planet of duality. We yearn to sample all that is here. It’s like a giant buffet! Standing at the dessert table trying this and that is fine, but all those sweets get boring after a while. We want the contrast that is so much a part of the Earth Human’s experience.

For those people who have a long history of incarnating over and over again onto the planet, I believe the reason their soul has chosen these experiences might be to clear out huge amounts of residual negative energy. This soul has chosen to awaken during this time and desires to go as high into the frequencies as they possibly can. These souls are especially brave and bold! It is a risky move to allow yourself to be victimized- the gamble is that you will not play the victim, but will forgive- see the truth of the situation- know you cannot be a victim, and consequently, that will bring about a huge opportunity for that soul’s growth.

I believe that my awareness of the low frequency patterns disappearing from my reality may be true for me, but not necessarily for everyone. At least, not yet. I want to believe everyone is sharing in this, but I have to admit that it may be an individual thing. Just as so many never shared in that sort of experience because it was not on your life path, so it is true with your own journey into the darkness. Having said that, however, I do think that with so many of us neutralizing negative energy, it will have an overall effect on the entire planet.

We are hearing the phrase, “Dark to Light” a lot these days and what so many of us have been doing in fulfilling our mission is exactly that. The planet cannot ascend until we, the collective, consciously choose Light over Dark. We do this- as I’ve stated many times, by looking at the dark….the evil that has gripped this planet and consciously– with strong intent- state that we are no longer in agreement with it. Then we choose otherwise. We no longer allow ourselves to be led around by our noses or give our consent by our complacency. I want to emphasize that it is required that you LOOK at the dark. Do not hide from it, as that is not going to help. Sending light and love to it is great, but we can only do this once we acknowledge what is happening and consciously, thru action and intent, choose otherwise. You came here to experience the contrast- get lost in the separation, so that you could find your way back to yourself. We do need to consciously make this choice.

To me it feels as if we have reached the tipping point. Great changes are happening all around us and they are about to become an avalanche. Soon there will be not one person on the planet who isn’t aware that something is going on. All the “sleepers” who have been so caught up in their own daily struggles and drama will be jarred awake. We all need to be gentle and patient with these folks. They are members of our own family and friends who have wondered if we had gone off the deep end. It is absolutely imperative that we know there is no judgement in any of this. There is nothing to be gained by being proven right. We are all one. Those who awakened early are no better or more special than those that chose to stay asleep a bit longer. If you are feeling superior in any way, know that you have your own work yet to do.

Along those same lines is our need to recognize that those souls who have been playing the part of the so-called evil ones are also a part of oneness. They are not separate from us. It could even be argued that perhaps they took on these roles out of their great love for humanity. This battle between light and dark could never occur if we didn’t have souls willing to play the contrasting parts. And it was humanities destiny to have this experience. To project love and admiration on the ‘good guys” while condemning the “bad guys” is a scenario from the old paradigm. Any kind of judgement will no longer hold up in the higher frequencies we are destined to access.

Let’s enjoy this experience- which will be like no other, not just in the history of this planet, but in the multiverse! Realize how blessed we are to be here. It is no accident. You are here to let your light shine!