There was a strange occurrence last night.  Not sure how to explain it, as it defies reasonable explanation and it appears there was a lot of blocking & screening going on.  Basically Jim came awake and reached for me to see if I was still in bed next to him.  He told me he’d just had an experience of feeling someone grab hold of the three fingers on his left hand and pull his arm very hard- above his head as if to lift him out of bed.  His shoulder hurt from the action, as he felt himself be lifted up out of bed by his arm.  He was taken by 3 beings into a room that had a table where he was placed.The one being was definitely female, and she performed some procedure on him and then he was returned to his bed.  And that was when he woke me up.  Now it gets stranger. He remembered the 3 beings having a cartoonish “Betty-Boop” look to them- obviously a screen memory, but it was distressing for him. Next, I seemed to have shared somehow in the experience, as I had a similar memory of him being brought into a room, where I was already present and they placed him on the table.  Even more odd, I felt I was the one who did the procedure on him. So the whole thing is a mess of screen memories and distortions. His arm was sore for a few days from the experience.  And he still is a bit befuddled by the sensation of them pulling him through the headboard and wall.  Something he will get use to if his contact continues.

This is one of those encounters that could easily be dismissed as a dream, if it were not for the fact that we were having ongoing activity, so I tend to believe this one was real, especially since I shared in the experience. To have a screen of cartoon characters is not at all uncommon. I once had an outrageous daytime experience involving a school bus being driven by an “engineer” that looked an awfully lot like one of my daughters play people. I also liked the fact that Jim was so free of fear- so the experience was not colored by that emotion. When he felt them pulling on his arm he initially struggled, but when he realized what was going on, he just relaxed and let them take him. He is basically fear-less when it comes to the ETs. I wish I could say the same, but as I pondered that a great deal in my book, I won’t go into my thoughts on that here.