Increasing Frequencies & The Results

I came awake one morning last summer with Da’s words echoing in my head…”It’s time you initiate contact Sherry….it’s time for you to take control.”  Wait a minute, I’d been trying to “be in control” of this whole experience ever since I awakened to my secret life of ET contact. How many times had I said, “Come ring my doorbell on Sunday afternoon like a respectable guest would do- you’ll be welcomed in and we’ll have a nice visit.” He would always [...]

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Live Fearlessly

Can we ever learn to live without fear? Is that even possible in this world? Aren’t we taught from a very early age that we are small- that we have to “earn” our way back into God’s good graces. Remember Sunday school? Oh my gosh- there we sat, so young, so innocent, so trusting…and what were we told!? That we were born sinners- that we were damned unless we could prove to God (who would one day judge us) that [...]

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The Next Time You See This…..

….don’t allow it to push you into fear, anger or the belief you are a victim. I know it’s hard, but let’s turn the tables on the ones who are doing this. What if every time we saw spraying, it triggered us to remember the truth of who we are? What if, instead of responding from a place of negativity, it moved us closer to Love? How long do you think this would persist? So my challenge to you [...]

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Are We There Yet?

We’ve all been getting a little impatient, haven’t we? We want to “be there”….arrive at our destination…that destination being the 5th dimension, right? It feels as if we’ve been at this for a very long time; our patience is getting thin, our hearts are heavy with the sadness of looking at the atrocities taking place out there . Our bodies feel fatigued, our lives are in disarray as we tend to one crisis and then another. Relationships are strained, [...]

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A Prayer to Wake the Dreamer

I facilitate A Course in Miracles group that meets every week. We come together to help each other remember the truth of who we are. For 90 minutes we escape from the illusion of separation and join together in One Mind. It is the highlight of my week. Those who are drawn to be a part of this gathering are like-minded, loving people whose lights shine brightly. One brilliant sparkle that we are blessed to have join with us [...]

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Making a Difference

How can we make a difference in this world? What can each and every one of us do, starting today, to add light to this world? That is why we came here, right? To add our light to this world. Well, I have a suggestion…..surrender….don’t stop reading….go for it- explore this topic that causes fear in so many of us. What is it like to live in a state of surrender? How is it so different from the way most people [...]

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My Struggle with Chemtrails…..or Why It’s So Important To Look At What We Fear

I’ve struggled with chemtrails from the very first moment I was forced to accept the reality of their existence. Like most, I hid from the horrible implications of this most heinous crime against Gaia and her children. I could not fathom such evil existed. I do not accept being cast in the role of victim, so I went to my fallback position, which was to ask Sprit to help me perceive this in a different manner. It’s been about [...]

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The Death of Karma

A while back….when we weren’t looking, karma slipped quietly from the planet. It had been born into the three dimensional world through the fear based thoughts humanity held against themselves and been supported by our belief in separation, along with the horrible thought that we had been abandoned by our Creator. We sustained karma by projecting our deep seeded guilt onto others and our selves. Humanity forgot that it was not possible for our Creator to forsake us and for the longest time we never realized that we were the ones [...]

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Reflections on the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference

It was such an honor to speak at the conference held in Eureka Springs recently. I was in good company with the many well respected UFO investigators, experiencers and media people, but certainly the very best part was connecting on such a personal level with those who came to hear my lecture.  One young man told me he drove eleven  hours, straight through, specifically so he could be there in time to catch my talk! I cannot and do not want [...]

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Why Surrender is So Important

My guys have taught me a myriad of amazing concepts & universal truths, but I agree with them that the lesson of Oneness is by far the most important…and as Da said, “It  is the one thing humanity needs to learn in order to change our world.” This one idea if accepted and implemented into our belief system would restore our planet and her children to their original state- a state of unification with our Creator. Certainly that is where we [...]

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