Blogging About ET Encounters… Am I Crazy?

Blogging About ET Encounters… Am I Crazy?

Here I am, about to do the second craziest thing I ever did…start blogging about my ET contact. First I write a book and allow its publication, knowing full well my life will never again be the same. Now I actually go on the internet and write about these incidents in total awareness that mainstream media has programmed the masses to ridicule and laugh at those of us making such claims. Why would I do such a thing? Well, if you’re interested in knowing the answer to that, please read on.

I do it because it turns out that I am not the one who is crazy. It turns out that I am in some very good company- some very intelligent and amazing people will stand right here beside me on this issue. It turns out we’ve been hoodwinked, yes, literally deceived by those who do not want us knowing we are part of a universal family. I do it because it is time for humanity to wake up and rejoin their cosmic family. This sounding a little far out for you…well keep reading and try– please try to have an open mind, because by not being open to this, you are denying yourself an amazing opportunity to awaken to a higher state of consciousness. Yes…that’s what I said. A higher state of consciousness.

You understand we are an evolving species right? We are not meant to stay stuck in the density we were born into- we are here for a purpose. Just because you do not remember that purpose or even remember that there is a reason you’re here does not mean your life doesn’t have a higher intent. You chose to come here…hell, you campaigned to come into this world. Did you think that was just a random incident? No, you are part of a magnificent and wonderful story. Think for yourself- don’t spew out the crap you’ve been taught to believe. Search inside yourself to find the truth- to find your story. You can remember if you really want to.

So if my confession of interactions with beings from another world are fearful to you, make you angry or just cause you to roll your eyes, then perhaps it is simply not your time to awaken. Go back to what you were doing before and keep on living your life- that is fine with me. Just ignore me. But do not get in my face with your statistics and “facts” about how I’m delusional or insane. Excuse me, but it is not my problem you are not able to hear your angels speak to you or see beings of another vibration. Do I sound just a little bit angry- well it’s not anger…it’s simple frustration. I am a little weary of this world right now and sometimes it is hard to keep on keeping on. The total mind control and enslavement of humanity has been a very hard thing to endure, but to see the majority of the masses choose to continue to stay asleep is gut wrenching for me. I just don’t get it. Why would anyone be content with littleness? That is the question put forth in A Course in Miracles and it is the same one I wonder about almost every day. Why would you not want to claim the truth of who you are or at least be curious enough to look beyond what you’ve been told to believe.  So am I crazy to blog about my ET encounters? To my way of thinking, I’d be crazy not to.


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  1. Eli Dumitru January 7, 2018 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    Dear Sherry,
    I’m writing with sincere questions that I’m requesting answers to. This isn’t an attack or bashing you.
    In your talks online I heard you say that time doesn’t exist. Then I heard you say that you heard a call that went out from Earth asking for assistance, and you decided to answer that call. That means that there was a sequence of events. First the call, then the response. One thing happened before the other thing happened. If there is no time, then there is no before or after. So, while I’m sure that time may be malleable in ways most people don’t know about, to say that time doesn’t exist can’t be true if something happens earlier in time than something else. So why do you say time doesn’t exist?.
    On another issue, you said that God doesn’t intend for us to be separate individuals and you came from a reality where there is only unity consciousness. Then you said that in that place where you came from, “you” made the decision to come to Earth against the wishes of the others you knew there. That means that you were an individual, capable of making a separate decision from the other individuals who disagreed with you. So why do you say that God doesn’t intend for us to be separate individuals?
    On another issue, you said that we don’t have anything to learn as souls, that the whole idea of working through our karma to learn lessons is a lie. Then you said you wanted to stay on Earth longer than your original plan called for because you didn’t want your daughters to be left alone with their father at such a young age, and you were asked: What makes you think that your presence in your daughters’ lives will be an over-all benefit for their soul growth? The question clearly implies that your daughters are on a path of soul growth in general, and, in particular, that their soul growth may actually be advanced by dealing with adversity, just like everyone else on Earth. So why do you say that the whole idea of us dealing with our karma to learn lessons is a lie?
    Thank you for your consideration of these questions. I look forward to your replies.
    Eli Dumitru,

    • Sherry Wilde January 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm - Reply

      Hi Eli~ Thank you for the very thoughtful questions. I know you sent this same email to me privately, but I wanted to respond here, as usually if one person has a question, there would be others wondering the same thing.

      A discussion on time is almost as difficult to wrap our minds around as is the subject of multi-dimensionality, but I will give it a try. First of all, we are discussing time while focused in a realm that is built on the concept of time/space. It is an illusory realm. Nothing in this world is real- none of it is happening outside ourselves- it is a dream. Albert Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” So I was aware that I accepted the call to come to earth when it was in the linear year of 1947 on the earth timeline and I was incarnated in December of 1950. I do remember choosing that energetic resonance to come in on, as it supported the attributes I would need to do my mission- and having it be on the day the planet recognized as Jeshua’s birthday was also a plus. In this 3-D world, time appears to be very real. The fact that it is not doesn’t make sense to us, as we live by the “rules” of time. When you are in the dimensions that are outside of time, it does not mean you live in a void- but you are also not in linear time. So I could “see” the timeline and was aware of the way this civilization experienced time- well sorta- but from that perspective it was just in that moment. It was kind of like looking at a map and pointing to the destination you wanted to arrive at as well as the point you wanted to start from- I could just as easily have started from any place on the map, as it’s all there. Every reality and potential exists. Not sure if this is making sense, as it is not easy to put into words.

      Now the question about separation. We choose to come into the world of form in order to have the experience of “otherness”. It is true we were created as a part of oneness….as an extension of our Creator. Therefore, we all share the mind of God. While in oneness we still retain our individual self while being a part of the Self that is connected to the All that is. Form is an attribute of separation- it is what helps to perpetuate the illusion that we are autonomous, but in truth we are as we were created and that can never change. So when I say that there were some members of my soul family that did not wish for me to step into this dimension, that is true. I felt their concerns and weighed all potentials, but knew deep within my being that I wanted….needed…to do this. So we are one with every living thing- there is only One. But using the analogy that is most often used when having this discussion- we are each like a drop of water in the ocean. Each drop can appear separate, but it is part of the larger being that is the ocean. The ocean is not complete without each drop and is aware of each “individual” drop that makes up the whole. I hope that helps.

      Karma exists in the universe, but not in the way we have been taught. Karma is simply the basic rule that for every action there is an opposite & exact reaction. The idea that we must come back onto this planet to “settle” our karmic debts is a distortion of this law. This is a prison planet. This teaching came about as a way to keep the souls coming back and being recycled over & over again. It is keeping them enslaved in a 3-D world where they have little, if any, chance of moving up the ladder of life. Any energetic karma you have is most easily settled by forgiveness. Remember we are in a game. And in this game our ego (fear based little self) is running the show- it is not our true Self. So to neutralize any negative energy brought about by events that occurred when playing in the game we need only recognize the truth and forgive ourselves for being so caught up in the game that we forgot who we were. We do set agendas for our souls to experience before coming in to play in this game of otherness. So we have a roadmap of things we want to gain insights and understandings of so our soul can expand its awareness, but to say we must pay for our sins is a fallacy. Sin is not real- it is a lie. Basically you can figure that everything you have been taught in this world is an untruth. And those teachings have been put in place to make you feel small and powerless. We do not need to “learn” anything. In this game of separation where we have stepped behind the veil and forgotten who we are, we just need to REMEMBER who we are…you can call it lessons if you like, but to my way of thinking that is just another way of keeping you small. Saying you are “less than” when in truth you are All That Is. I hope this makes sense.

      Blessings~ Sherry

  2. Gary Michael Graves August 17, 2017 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    Loved your book. Please don’t be a martyr. Have you tried organic firm tofu, it contains all the amino acids and contains more protein ounce for ounce than beefsteak.

    • Sherry Wilde August 24, 2017 at 1:57 pm - Reply

      Thank you for the message! LOL….last thing I want to be is a victim…I won’t play that role!! Organic tofu is awesome- I love it- not always easy to find, but I’m learning where to look. Thanks for confirming that!

  3. Gypsy Rose August 27, 2014 at 5:53 pm - Reply

    Hi Sherry,
    I recently watch the full seminar of NASA Physicist Tom Campbell called My Big Toe from the Monroe Institute of Higher Consciousness Exploration. Tom and other NASA Physicists would go into separate isolation chambers and explore consciousness together. In other words, although in separate chambers where they could not see or hear each other they would “meet up” in consciousness and explore together. You are not crazy, Tom basically says what you say; what they found is they do not actually “go” anywhere, as we are consciousness, but within consciousness there are worlds upon worlds. He said they met and talked with many entities all living in “their” realities, these realities are unlimited, multidimensional, to our perspective; infinite, each with their own “rules”. For example an example of “rules” in this reality we have gravity. Each is unique with their own rules. So there are endless beings all living and functioning within the parameters of their reality. Just as he visited and explored their realities they can come here and explore ours. He gives instructions on how to do what he does. Just as you have said, you go within. I cannot possibly explain everything he said but you can watch his seminar for free on YouTube.

    After learning what Tom had to teach, I did a similar thing as you did to the chemtrail jets. I had a massive kidney stone so large they where going to cut me open to get it out, so I went into a meditative state and visualized the stone being broken into pieces by a laser. When the Doctor went up inside me with a camera to take a look and possibly break up the massive kidney stone the CT Scan had shown, they found pebbles all so some they just came right out.

    Here is the link:

    I hope it gives you joy and confirmation. I think their is comfort in knowing that their are even NASA Physicists who know what you are saying is true.

    Gypsy Rose

    • Sherry Wilde August 28, 2014 at 6:54 pm - Reply

      Awesome video!! Thank you Gypsy Rose (another cool name….what’s with that!?) for taking the time to write and share this! How very sweet of you! I find it very affirming and uplifting to see that science is beginning to meet up with spirituality. They will blend eventually…they must. Love & Peace to you!

  4. tiabam67 August 15, 2014 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Not crazy, BRAVE!

  5. Carl June 26, 2014 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    Thanks for writing your article. I had ET encounters several times as a child, and as a young adult. As a child, it terrified me, but they never hurt me. I saw the UFOs many times when I lived in south Texas. Growing up, I wondered many times about why we did the things that we did, when in the back of my mind I knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know what it was. Those things would be our building materials, when I knew there were other materials, I just didn’t know that it was a higher vibration of light at the time.
    I got into QHHT after reading several of Dolores’ books. I finally found the answers for which I had been searching.

    • Sherry Wilde June 26, 2014 at 9:01 pm - Reply

      I hear from people every day with stories similar to yours, Carl. Just imagine if we all stood up together and started to speak our truth. What would our world look like if our cosmic family could rejoin us right now….it would be the end of enslavement. The end of wars, poverty, illness, pollution……can we even fathom it? We need to make this happen- we need to help people move past their fear. Earth humans need to graduate from kindergarten….it’s time…it’s long overdue.

      • Gregg July 19, 2014 at 7:19 am - Reply

        We are! All of us and many others. We are the ones who choose to watch it unfold.

        I had my awakening early 2012 (w/ a little help from our friends). It was confusing and very lonely but I’d do it all again. Even though people look at me funny, I tell my story. I embrace it and try to leave them with something they can understand. That is all any of us can really do. Plant seeds and hope they grow. Sherry you are awesome, thank you for being you!

        • Sherry Wilde July 19, 2014 at 8:46 am - Reply

          So true Gregg!! Since I wrote that blog, I have embraced my role and care not a whit what anyone may think. I totally own my experiences and, like you, would not change a thing. Thanks for taking the time to write- this was a really great email to start my Saturday with! Wooohooooo!!! Here’s to us….the fearless ones who speak out in spite of the looks, in spite of the snide snickers….in spite of all the fearful ones who aren’t yet ready to hear it! We will hold the truth for them….until they are ready to face it! In oneness~ s

  6. Sebastian June 26, 2014 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Thank you for shearing your experiences! The interview on Wisdom from North was great and I’ve ordered your book. To me you sound like one of the most sane people on the planet!

    • Sherry Wilde June 26, 2014 at 9:03 pm - Reply

      Love your comment! Thank you so much…..I hope you enjoy the book….I’m pretty sure you will! Love & Light~

  7. newearthjourney June 26, 2014 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    Reblogged this on New Earth Journey and commented:
    Sherry Wilde is one of Dolores Cannon’s authors. Her book, “The Forgotten Promise” is about her ET experiences. Many of my QHHT clients come to me for this reason. It is far more common than you might imagine. Sherry details her experience clearly and matter-of-factly. This is REAL folks and as Sherry says, if you open your OWN mind to this, you will raise your consciousness and indeed, that of our collective humanity!

    • Sherry Wilde June 26, 2014 at 1:19 pm - Reply

      Thank you Candace! I was wondering why I was pushed to throw that old blog up on Facebook… I know! I no longer have trepidation about “owning” my experiences. All the amazing, beautiful and brilliant souls I am meeting, who also live in this space, make me realize I am exactly in the right place and I will no longer return to the matrix. Woooohooooo! Love & Light to YOU!

  8. jackie greer November 12, 2013 at 10:57 am - Reply

    This is my first blog ever and I’m happy it’s for Sherry what a wonderful book and as far as I’m concerned experience as well she’s one of the lucky ones to be able to remember her contract she made prior to this life and be able to help people . It’s time we all woke up!

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