Here I am, about to do the second craziest thing I ever did…start blogging about my ET contact. First I write a book and allow its publication, knowing full well my life will never again be the same. Now I actually go on the internet and write about these incidents in total awareness that mainstream media has programmed the masses to ridicule and laugh at those of us making such claims. Why would I do such a thing? Well, if you’re interested in knowing the answer to that, please read on.

I do it because it turns out that I am not the one who is crazy. It turns out that I am in some very good company- some very intelligent and amazing people will stand right here beside me on this issue. It turns out we’ve been hoodwinked, yes, literally deceived by those who do not want us knowing we are part of a universal family. I do it because it is time for humanity to wake up and rejoin their cosmic family. This sounding a little far out for you…well keep reading and try– please try to have an open mind, because by not being open to this, you are denying yourself an amazing opportunity to awaken to a higher state of consciousness. Yes…that’s what I said. A higher state of consciousness.

You understand we are an evolving species right? We are not meant to stay stuck in the density we were born into- we are here for a purpose. Just because you do not remember that purpose or even remember that there is a reason you’re here does not mean your life doesn’t have a higher intent. You chose to come here…hell, you campaigned to come into this world. Did you think that was just a random incident? No, you are part of a magnificent and wonderful story. Think for yourself- don’t spew out the crap you’ve been taught to believe. Search inside yourself to find the truth- to find your story. You can remember if you really want to.

So if my confession of interactions with beings from another world are fearful to you, make you angry or just cause you to roll your eyes, then perhaps it is simply not your time to awaken. Go back to what you were doing before and keep on living your life- that is fine with me. Just ignore me. But do not get in my face with your statistics and “facts” about how I’m delusional or insane. Excuse me, but it is not my problem you are not able to hear your angels speak to you or see beings of another vibration. Do I sound just a little bit angry- well it’s not anger…it’s simple frustration. I am a little weary of this world right now and sometimes it is hard to keep on keeping on. The total mind control and enslavement of humanity has been a very hard thing to endure, but to see the majority of the masses choose to continue to stay asleep is gut wrenching for me. I just don’t get it. Why would anyone be content with littleness? That is the question put forth in A Course in Miracles and it is the same one I wonder about almost every day. Why would you not want to claim the truth of who you are or at least be curious enough to look beyond what you’ve been told to believe.  So am I crazy to blog about my ET encounters? To my way of thinking, I’d be crazy not to.