We appear to have random visits at the house during this time frame. There are various signs that the activity is fairly intense. However, it seems that Jim is the focus of their visits. When I check with my guys, I get a positive response, stating that his body needed tweaking. Several times Jim tells me he feels something poking him- like someone jabbing him with a finger during the night. And more than once he complained of an itchy sensation in his left shoulder upon waking. I looked closely and could barely make out what appeared to be the marks of an injection that was not singular, but seemed to be three needles in a triangular shape. When I asked about it, I was immediately told that “yes, they were injecting him with amino acids.”  I looked at Jim as I gave him this message and we both were not all together certain if that was a good thing or not. I drink alkaline water to keep my body at a 7.2 reading so as not to be acidic, so having something injected into you with the word acid in it didn’t sound great, although I thought I might have heard it was a good thing. We just weren’t certain, so once again, we looked it up. Turns out it is a very good thing, as amino acids are considered the building blocks of protein. It did kind of make sense, as Jim eats very little meat, which it stated, is a good source of amino acids. Anyway, this activity continued for several weeks.

One Sunday night during this time period, I get that “tingling, knowing sense” that the guys were close. We had been watching tv and I got restless. I started prowling around the house, looking out all the windows- not even realizing what I was doing until Jim asked me what was wrong. Even though it was fairly early, I decided to turn in.  Around 4:30 that next morning Jim got up to use the bathroom. As he got out of bed, I had the realization that I’d had a visit during the night and had just now returned to the bed. I hear Jim walking around out in the great room and when he returned he commented on the unreasonably bright lights shining out from my neighbor’s house. I knew it wasn’t a house he was seeing, but as is so damn frustrating, I had no interest in getting up to look. So the next morning I asked him to show me which of my neighbors had these bright lights on their house, and again he expressed how ridiculously bright the lights had been….like runway lights, he stated. I was amused as he went to the front window and looked out, shook his head and trudged over to the window in the library. He then softly reprimanded himself as he walked back to the front window and said, “No, damn it, it was THIS window”. He stood there a while and moved from one end to the other, peering across the way. Finally I said, “Show me where you saw the lights”. All the while, I knew where it had been- I had retained that much of the memory from my encounter. He pointed out that the lights had been to the right of the tree in the front yard, but there was no house there-it was open field. When I told him it had been a ship that he’d seen, he really didn’t spend any time arguing, as it was clear he’d seen bright lights- lights so bright that they were blinding and nothing else really made sense.  Well, at least not in the context of what we were experiencing.

We also had an occasion during this time frame, when Jim heard the three sharp raps that often proceed a visit from “the guys”. He told me about it the next morning. I hadn’t heard it, but I’d come awake knowing I’d been with them during the night. How do I know when I’ve gone off with the guys? I wake up with a buzz from being in that higher dimension and I usually bring some awareness of whatever it is they are teaching me or talking to me about. I hardly ever have dreams, but I do have these sensations of “remembering” something I’ve been told or experienced. I’ve had that my entire life- just as I’ve always loved going to sleep at night, as the life I live during my sleep state is much more relevant to who I am than the existence I have in this very dense vibration.