Why Surrender is So Important

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My guys have taught me a myriad of amazing concepts & universal truths, but I agree with them that the lesson of Oneness is by far the most important…and as Da said, “It  is the one thing humanity needs to learn in order to change our world.” This one idea if accepted and implemented into our belief system would restore our planet and her children to their original state- a state of unification with our Creator. Certainly that is where we [...]

Remembering What’s REALLY Important

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So up to this point I’ve shared a chronicle of my ongoing contact, along with some experiences that Jim participated in, and I’ve ranted a bit about how difficult it is to be in this position of “outing” myself as a participant in this volunteer program. Now it is time to get down to what is really important- the whole reason this is even happening. While it can be fun to share the weirdness of these encounters, that is not where [...]

You Think This is Easy?? May 2013

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It’s been very rough of late.  Not in terms of visitations, but in the realization of just what this “outing” of myself is costing me.  There’s been a series of things that have caused me to wonder if the price isn’t too high.  After all, why would anyone in their right mind share these experiences?  I’ve kept them secret for so long- never denying if asked straight out, but never admitting too much.  Ashamed of the light it would cast [...]

White Dude – April 12-14, 2013

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I had a lecture in Bettendorf on Thursday and from there we headed to Arkansas for the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.  I went at the invitation of my publisher, Dolores Cannon.  She wanted me to meet with a film crew that was doing some taping during the convention.  As it turned out, nothing got set in stone, so the producer and his people all left before I was given the opportunity to meet with them.  Not sure if anything [...]

The Mysterious Red Plasma Balls – Feb 2013

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It’s a Sunday morning and Jim & I are lying in bed talking softly before we get our day started.  As we talk, I notice what I have always considered to be a “red plasma ball” floating over by the partition to the sitting alcove.  I watch it while we talk and don’t bother to mention it to Jim, as I see them quite frequently and just assume he can’t.  But then he asks me if I see that red thing [...]

Betty Boops Pay a Visit – Jan 17, 2103

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There was a strange occurrence last night.  Not sure how to explain it, as it defies reasonable explanation and it appears there was a lot of blocking & screening going on.  Basically Jim came awake and reached for me to see if I was still in bed next to him.  He told me he’d just had an experience of feeling someone grab hold of the three fingers on his left hand and pull his arm very hard- above his [...]

Bright Lights & Pokes – Oct-Nov 2012

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We appear to have random visits at the house during this time frame. There are various signs that the activity is fairly intense. However, it seems that Jim is the focus of their visits. When I check with my guys, I get a positive response, stating that his body needed tweaking. Several times Jim tells me he feels something poking him- like someone jabbing him with a finger during the night. And more than once he complained of an itchy [...]

Jim Gets his Requested Meeting with the ETs – Sept 21, 2012

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We think it might be possible that Jim had a little meet and greet on this night. He was refereeing a game in Mt. Horeb so I went out with a girlfriend for the evening. When I got home, a little before midnight, I found him sitting in the dark waiting for me. It was clear something was troubling him and when I inquired he stated that he was trying to figure out how he gotten home. […]

Requesting a Meet & Greet – July 18, 2012

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I’ve been single for most of my adult life and one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced is how to tell a new significant other about the ongoing ET contact. While a majority of people recognize that it is mathematically impossible for us to be alone in the universe, few are comfortable with the claim of contact- especially to the extend that I’ve had.  I found it easier to just not share that part of myself, unless I was in a cycle of intense encounters, and then I really had no [...]

Encounter with a Draconian – Early July 2012

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I come awake with the awareness that there is a low vibrational entity somewhere in my vicinity. I feel a quick surge of fear and then something comes over me and I become extremely calm. I get out of bed and seem to know exactly which window to look out, as I see him standing outside my bathroom under the birch tree.  He is staring in at me and I am aware that he is “scanning” me.  My calmness [...]