If ever there was a time for me to come out of my cave, now would be the time to do so! It’s not that I’ve been hiding or fearful, but I have been watching and waiting. Waiting for that moment when it was clear that we had turned the proverbial corner and were really, truly walking hand in hand toward unity consciousness. Watching for that moment when even the most asleep person on the planet could no longer deny something was happening…. something building-  not unlike a tsunami.

Never, ever in the history of this beautiful planet has there been a time like this! Not during Lemuria, not during the time of Atlantis. They, and many others, got close to ascension, but the Dark Forces prevailed. This time the Light will prevail. This time the children of earth will defeat the controllers! This time we will break out of the illusion and awaken to the truth of who we are.

If you have been busy and distracted by all the drama playing out in the matrix, you may be missing out on this amazing event. I would urge you to calm yourself and slow down. If you spend an hour a week in front of your tv, that is too much. If you want to learn the truth of what is going on you will need to tune into alternative social media sites and be very discerning. Yes, I follow Q. Thank God for this movement and for the “white hats” in our military, as well as our President. This “Great Awakening” movement has been nothing short of fascinating to watch. This is a military operation to take back our country and our world but make no mistake- this is much more than that. It is a spiritual movement to give power back to the people- always urging us to think for ourselves and to wake up!

Here’s how it works. Q will post clues pointing us in a direction, but it is up to us to interpret those clues. We are forced to dig and research to find just what it is he is pointing at. This week we were informed that something happened on 11/11 of this year. Following the clues, the Anons deciphered the drop, which led to the report of that strange anomaly that occurred off the coast of Mayotte- the “shot heard around the world” phenomena, which I took note of and instinctively knew was big. Well, turns out it was. Some months back- maybe in July we were made aware that the Good Guys had taken out a whole bunch of the Controllers satellites. It is believed those satellites were pretty nefarious. Influencing our thoughts, emotions….our very DNA….all linked to the nasty business of CERN. The event of 11/11 was to bring online a technology that will ENHANCE our DNA…and even bring our DNA back to what it was originally. That being a twelve strand instead of the limited double helix humanity was cut back to eons ago. Rather than me try to explain it, here is the link to the twitter post explaining it:

As a person who has been hit very hard by mind control technology, I am over the moon to learn this is not just coming to an end, but that positive influences are being put in their place! I’ve been forced to hide in my cave these last few years, as it was made clear to me that any time I dared speak out, I would be hit with DEWs or this horrid mind control crap. It feels like I have been freed from my cave! Stepping out into the light once again.