What if I told you that you are the center of the universe….that it all revolves around you. And what if I told you that everything you believe you are seeing with your eyes is being created by you. Shakespeare said that all the worlds a stage, but did you know that you are the actor, screen writer, producer and set designer? All those people you see out there are actors in your drama, playing the part you gave them. All the events playing out in your life….the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses are all being orchestrated by you.

This world is being exposed for what it is. Do you not see that every day, as more & more ludicrous events vie for your attention? As we awaken from the deep state of slumber we have been in and try to shake the cobwebs from our brain, we realize how totally insane this world is. Wiping the sleep from our eyes, it slowly dawns on us that we are the ones scripting this drama. We agreed to have this experience of separation and fear, but it is way past the time when we should have heard God’s alarm clock going off. It’s time for us to return to our real home. Time for us to stop playing blindly in the matrix and join the rest of the universe in conscious awareness.

There is nothing more painful or heartbreaking than to be cut off from our Creator. The feeling of abandonment and sadness never leaves you. We were created to be joyful, but that is not our experience while we have been residents of this planet. Lost in the game…not knowing it was a game, believing ourselves to be a body, we struggle to find love- the love we know exists. We carry a faint, ancient memory of it, but we do not know where to look for it.

We see other bodies moving about this world. They work, they play, they try to find understanding….they seek a higher purpose, but too many times the very places they look for comfort and direction causes them greater suffering and pain. The lies start when they are small children and continue throughout their lives. They are born sinners. They need redemption- someone to save them. They are little, helpless beings that need to beg their Father’s forgiveness. It’s time to turn away from the propaganda. Time to turn inward and find the truth….it’s there….it’s always been there. We hid it in the last place we knew we would look. Yes, we agreed to this game, we agreed to play in a world of duality, knowing full well we would fall into total forgetfulness. All because we love how it feels to come awake and remember our true identity!

The game is coming to an end. Do not let yourself linger in the anger you feel when realizing that you’ve been duped. There’s too much to forgive!! That is, forgive without judgment! After all, who is it you would blame for spinning the lies and pulling the wool over your eyes? To cast blame is to perpetuate the old 3-D world….and nobody in their right mind wants that. Wake up! Be still and let the truth of who you are slowly and surely dawn on you. The Divine is within you…ALL is within you. No need to search outside yourself and no need to look around for answers. Access the true nature of your Being and you will find a wellspring of Love that is beyond anything this world has ever offered you.

You are the center of the universe…..you ARE the universe…the All that Is. Your true nature is shared with the Creator- it cannot be otherwise. We are eternal beings- not these pitiful bodies that were made to reinforce the idea of separation and death. To suffer and die is the ego’s game- not our Creator’s.

The answer to any confusion or anxiety you might feel as you go through this awakening process is to always remember the truth of who you are. That should become your default setting….turn away from the rules imposed on you by the old three dimensional world! They no longer apply. Unity consciousness is where we are headed! A world where our connection to Source is always in our awareness….a world that shimmers with the vibration of love and acceptance. We are birthing that world by our thoughts…now. Every second of every day our thoughts create our next experience. This new earth is here- it’s within our grasp- if we can just release our fears. Let go of the old programming by becoming conscious of your thoughts. Every moment is an opportunity for forgiveness- not the judgmental kind of forgiveness where I deem you wrong and so forgive you…no the new kind of forgiveness that takes us to a world beyond the need for it. Acceptance….that’s the new kind of forgiveness. No judgment of anyone.

Let’s live the truth of who we are by refusing to allow the illusions of this holographic world to keep us hypnotized any longer. Let’s move past the blame and anger of having played the role of victim in a game we didn’t even know we were playing. Let’s claim our true Divinity and not look back at a past that never happened…it was, after all, only a dream.

It seems appropriate to end this message with a quote I love- one given to me by one of my ACIM students in the form of a beautiful plaque she made.

By Mark Twain: “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”