Wednesday, November 16, 2011 
A friend and I had been in New Glarus taking care of some business and were making the short 5 minute drive to my house when we came over a small rise and there to my right was a beautiful silver ship floating up the valley.  It was moving very slowly and was low to the ground- I would say less than 500 feet- barely above treetop height actually.  I was in the passenger seat and was so awe struck by what I was seeing it took me a few seconds to say anything.  When I turned to my friend, I observed him watching the craft as he slowed the car down.  We went around a big sweeping curve and I suggested he pull over so we could watch the ship- plus I wanted to get out and walk toward it.  At first I thought the ship had huge observation windows, but then I realized those were not windows, but a darker shade of the craft and those panels were rotating one direction –left to right- while a smaller band below them rotated the opposite direction.  This was not a small scout ship, this had a diameter of about 120 to 200 feet.  Things get a little hazy here, as suddenly the ship was gone- I thought we’d pulled behind a small shed and that it blocked the view, but that doesn’t make sense.  Also, it had gotten dark out.  I felt a bit befuddled and knew I needed to check the clock to make sure we didn’t experience missing time.  I noted that it was 6:10. We drove down the road a bit and turned around and came back the way we’d come, looking for the spacecraft, but it was gone.  It wasn’t until a year later- almost to the day, that I came awake suddenly one morning and sat up in bed, saying aloud to myself, “We were taken!  We had an encounter!”  And with complete clarity realized that we had left New Glarus around 4:15, just as the sun was setting, but it had been almost two hours later when I remembered to note the time of the sighting.

We’d been taken aboard the ship and as was typical for these events, the fog was now lifting and I was remembering with a fair amount of clearness.  I recall my friend’s huge smile as he walked around the interior of the craft; a sight I will never forget!  At a future date or in my next book, I may expand on what took place aboard that craft, but for now I believe it best to keep it to myself.

I’m very disappointed that it never even dawned on me to take pictures or video this sighting, as it was spectacular and would have been quite impressive.  But I never even thought along those lines for several weeks, when all of a sudden I realized what a missed opportunity it had been.  But that is the nature of this phenomenon.  There is no clarity to the thought process- I now understand that in order to have these encounters my vibration must be amped up and their vibration brought down, so your thinking goes to a higher level….if you know what I mean. That is, you don’t even consider taking a picture- that’s not even on the table.  For me, I just get excited and hope that I am going to get to go aboard the ship and then there is that wonderful vibration of love that  emanates from the beings…or perhaps it is the craft itself- it encompasses you and draws you toward it. I get challenged, from time to time, by people who hear me speak of these encounters and I understand why it is hard to believe that I don’t think to take pictures, but unless you live through the experience, I’m not sure I can make you understand. You kinda leave the old world behind and the need for proof isn’t in your thoughts, but if it were, I’m pretty certain it would seem extremely silly.