I come awake with the awareness that there is a low vibrational entity somewhere in my vicinity. I feel a quick surge of fear and then something comes over me and I become extremely calm. I get out of bed and seem to know exactly which window to look out, as I see him standing outside my bathroom under the birch tree.  He is staring in at me and I am aware that he is “scanning” me.  My calmness is rock solid and I feel no fear whatsoever.  I gaze back at him and acknowledge his presence but send a message of peace and a non-threatening affirmation that he cannot touch me.  He continues to watch me.  His eyes are golden lime green with yellow pupils that are vertical, like a cat.  He stands less than five feet tall. I take a few minutes to make absolutely certain I am not dreaming- I look at the clock, I rub my hand up and down my arm and I take in the details of this beings physical expression. I actually feel myself become overwhelmed with love and I wonder- from that place in my mind that is watching all this, where is that emotion coming from?  I observe him for a while and calmly turn away and go back to bed.  I sleep soundly knowing that he is not able to be a threat to me.

The next morning I am a bit shaken by the experience and question how I was able to be in that state of mind.  More so, how was I able to get back into bed and fall asleep with that creature standing less than 30 feet from me?  I send out the question to Da and get a response….a feat that still surprises and baffles me. “Yes, he was a Draconian, coming by to check on you. No need for fear. You long ago surpassed their reach; they cannot touch you. Sherry, always stand in your power for that is your strength and protection from such entities.”  I knew without him explaining further that it was a vibrational thing. They feed on fear and by exuding a higher vibration, they cannot come near you…it’s simply not possible.

Over the next several days, and then weeks, I reflect back on that little episode and when I think of that entity standing out there I feel absolutely no fear.  Indeed, I am overcome by this warm feeling of love and compassion.