My website & blog are being reconstructed for me by a wonderful guy that reached out to me sometime ago and offered his assistance. I am so grateful for all the miracles present in my life and this is just another example of that. He helped me to reactivate my “contact me” page on my website and I woke up to 48 emails this morning! A few days ago I spent almost 5 hours rereading and responding to comments left on my blog, but my timing was bad. I posted them right at the time my friend was revamping the site and they were all lost. Here’s the thing….I work in real estate FULL TIME. I don’t want to still be working at this age, but I have no choice. So responding individually to all inquiries- as much as my heart wants to…is simply not possible! I ruminated about this before coming up with a bit of a solution. A lot of the messages follow similar themes, so I am posting this in hopes it will help. Please forgive me for not being able to respond personally.

First off. To those sending me messages of hope, inspiration and downright cheering me on types of messages!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I read and reread those….you have no idea what it means to me. I feel your energy and I suck it in- I literally can feel the love and connection being made through those messages! I love them & I love you for taking the time to write!

Experiencers: To the many, many of you writing to share your experiences, I want to say how honored I am that you are willing to trust me with that information. I do understand how difficult it is- of course I do! And I understand the confusion….to get regressed or not- to look at it or look away. Take this into your heart and see how it feels. I would only recommend regression if you are consumed with knowing what happened. Because regression and remembering is going to open up a can of worms- it will just bring more questions. Although it can, in some cases, bring you peace of mind. I think the QHHT practitioners are quite good, but read reviews and look into the person you intend to use. Every case is different and your outcome will depend your level of trust and fear about the situation. Make sure you have support around you for after the regression, as it will be needed.

Light Readings: Many are asking if I will do a light reading on them. I do not. I will say that you need have no fear about whether or not you are going to “make it”. We are ALL going to make it. During this time of the Great Earth Changes, the false world is falling away and the real world will be revealed to us. This is what we are calling the ascension or shift. It is our awareness taking us to a new, higher frequency. As we leave fear behind, our awareness becomes clearer and the false disappears. It is an individual journey as we move into the frequency that resonates with us. It is true that some are not ready to be in unity consciousness- they still desire and need more of the duality experienced in that realm. Nothing wrong with that…..all will move toward Oneness when they are ready. Trust your Higher Self to know what is best for you.

Raising Your Frequency: It takes vigilance and mindfulness to break free of the illusory world. The programming and mind control is powerful, but once you are aware of it, you can easily begin to sidestep the system. Here is what I recommend, but take it into your heart and see if it resonates with you. I find it helps to read (think: feed into your mind) positive words that remind you of who you are. I personally love A Course in Miracles or for these times- A Course of Love. But whatever inspires you. Take time to be in nature. Slow down- spend time alone- in silence. Express gratitude for every little thing in your life that is positive. Stop judging!!! Monitor your thoughts and direct them to positive paths. But mostly- extend love. Realize that every second of every day you are making a decision to either add to the light of the world…or not. Be mindful of that and always choose love. THAT is the best way to raise your frequency.

Fear of the Chaos: We look out on this world and we see horrible things happening. We see anger, fear, pain, suffering, neglect, nastiness and hopelessness. NOW, in this moment, decide again. As ACIM says, Choose Again. We see “out there” what is generated from within us by our thoughts. So change your thoughts. Determine to see love, hope, laughter, joy, helpfulness, nurturing and the coming together of humanity for the good of all. It’s there. You will see and experience based on what you are putting out. Not seeing love? Then stop withholding love. Take the wall down that is around your heart and send out love to every man, woman and child on this planet. What you will quickly start to experience is more love than you ever imagined could exist.

Under Attack/Darkness: This is a tough one. Many do not like my answer to this and I understand that- having experienced some really nasty business myself, but this is what I learned- if it doesn’t resonate, than I guess you will need to look elsewhere. Bottom line: Nothing happens to us without our consent on some level. We cannot be victims. But read this carefully, as you may have just been triggered by that comment. We came into this realm to experience duality- the contrast of love vs. evil. Light vs. dark. So to whatever degree you decided (on a soul level) to have that experience, that is what will play out in your life. Some of us (me included) have had very little experience with evil and so we wanted to meet it head on- look it in the eyes and wrestle with it. Why? Oh, Lord, why would we want to do this? Answer: Because. This world is an illusory world….my guys recently told me it is very much like a computer generated reality. We take on these avatars-sending in a small aspect of yourself while the larger part of us observes, and to varying degrees, pulls the strings. This is a game. What happens here is just for the experience. These experiences are helpful to us in our desire to be of service and know ourselves. We are energy and many of us penetrate the darkness in an effort to bring in the light. This is done for the benefit of all those who are lost in fear. We transmute the fear that is brought on by these “attacks”  into light when we choose love. Read that again. If you are of the impression that you are under attack…you are suffering and afraid….then you have made the decision to test yourself- to see if you can remember to choose love over fear. As soon as you do that- declare yourself a sovereign being- one that cannot be a victim….you will no longer experience attack. You chose this experience. It is an initiation. It is to take you to a higher level of understanding. It is to learn your own strength and invulnerability. Don’t cower in fear. Declare the truth of who you are and raise above the frequency of fear….now that is bringing Light onto the planet in a big way!

I will end there. I think that addresses the main themes I am hearing. I hope & trust this will be of help to you. Sending out tons of love to everyone!!