Increasing Frequencies & The Results

Increasing Frequencies & The Results

I came awake one morning last summer with Da’s words echoing in my head…”It’s time you initiate contact Sherry….it’s time for you to take control.”  Wait a minute, I’d been trying to “be in control” of this whole experience ever since I awakened to my secret life of ET contact. How many times had I said, “Come ring my doorbell on Sunday afternoon like a respectable guest would do- you’ll be welcomed in and we’ll have a nice visit.” He would always be quite amused by that and show me I was not ready. Damn- he was right…my fear was still not under control. So what had changed now? Was my body over that rush of fear based adrenaline it always felt when I first see my guys? My heart was ready- it had been for awhile now, but my body disappointed me every time- going weak with the memory of fear that was buried within its structure.

I continued to have contact with Da but not in physicality. I soon realized that he was not planning to come into my 4th dimensional world again. Instead we- that is, my partner and I, had regular visits from the Draconians. They were a friendly group. They did a series of healing modalities on us, such as reiki and quite a bit of amino acid injections. They told us our bodies were not faring well with all the toxins present and instructed us to drink lots of clean water. This group was, to the best of my knowledge, higher 4th dimensional beings….possibly early 5th. After about 8 weeks of visits, they abruptly left.

Feeling a bit abandoned, we decided to do as Da had instructed and initiate contact. We obtained permission to enter a large tract of land that I knew had a vortex- a vortex that my guys used to travel between dimensions. I had clear memories of the ship moving through the portal located on this beautiful piece of land. We took another couple with us, packed a picnic and followed my intuition to the site most strongly attracting me. The energy was amazing- we all felt it!. I had asked my partner, Jim, to make sure he didn’t let me go off alone, as I was remembering other episodes in my life when I’d had contact, but those with me had not been able to share in it, since they had not stayed with me when I felt drawn to walk away. So when I abruptly got up from our circle and started to leave, Jim called out to me asking where I was going. “Over there, I’m being called to go over there…..” I stated over my shoulder as I continued to walk away. They all jumped up in unison and joined me as we walked about 300 feet to the being that was calling out to me.

We were in a corridor of sorts- on a slight hillside with tall mature trees- pines and hardwoods on each side of us. We’d been able to drive my 4 wheel drive SUV up the    hill and scope out the many different alley ways that went between the trees that, obviously, had been planted in careful rows. We’d chosen this particular corridor after checking out about 3 others. We had driven in, parked the car, walked to our chosen site and set up our little gathering with blankets, lawn chairs and picnic baskets. Anyway, none of us had noticed this particularly beautiful tree that was now calling me. She stood right in the middle of the lane we’d driven in on, so we would have had to have driven around her, yet none of us recalled seeing her there when we entered. As I circled her and beheld her grace and loving energy, I heard her say, “I have a gift for you.” On her boughs, looking like Christmas candles, were pinecones- I knew that was the gift she was offering. The others had been circling the tree, feeling the same sense of awe and appreciation that I was experiencing. I told them to each take a pinecone, as she was presenting us with this gift. With reverence we each approached her and accepted the gift from her outstretched boughs.

Like so much of this anomalous activity, it is hard to convey just how meaningful some of these experiences are…it’s a story to you, the reader, but to have been there and felt that strong connection with another living sentient being, that did not happen to be human, is not something commonly experienced. If you’ve been blessed to have had similar events, you know what I am talking about. The four of us were honored to have been granted such a sacred communion. We returned to our little circle, each carrying our pinecone, and prepared to go into the silence. There was a great deal of activity around us as we stayed in the stillness. I am not sure what the others might have experienced, but I was pulled out of my body and felt myself entering into the inner chamber on the ship. There stood Da and two others that I know so well.  I was greeted with overwhelming love and they seemed quite pleased to see me- I don’t know about them, but I certainly was amazed to find myself really there. “Are you going to show yourselves to us?” I asked. Their answer surprised me, as I was not use to being denied my requests. “No, that is not going to happen. Do you see what you hold in your hand?” I looked and said, “Yes, a pinecone….it was a gift from the beautiful tree.” “Sherry, do you know what the pinecone represents?”  “Yes, the pineal gland”, I answered and they smiled like proud parents. “That’s correct. You need to come to us- it’s time for you to awaken fully and join us. Continue to raise your vibration…open your pineal gland….come to us. We will not be visiting you during this period of time, it is too unstable.” And with that I was shown an image of what apparently was an energetic equation of our planet as it increased in frequency causing disturbance in it’s energy patterns. There appeared fissures in the structure and quaking movement in places. Apparently these are the symptoms of a physical, yet holographic, planet as she moves into a higher state of consciousness.

I hugged each of them, clinging long to Da as I listened to him reassure me that all was well…. I was never alone- they would be nearby…..but it was time. All three expressed such love and appreciation for me, I felt warm for weeks after. It’s taken me all this time to be ready to share this- I wasn’t going to, but they have been pushing me to post this message about the status of our world.

A couple weeks ago I started to hear from my contactee friends asking me if my guys were still coming around, as their contact had abruptly stopped. We shared stories and I checked with others- all ( with one exception who stated that a friend was still reporting contact) confirmed that their contact had ended anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks ago. They continued to have mind-to-mind contact, or they went to them during their sleep state- that is, in astral form, but no physical visits.  I found that interesting and affirming.

Some months ago Da told me that we had gathered up all the souls in the “in-between”, which is what he called it. I don’t know why, but I found his term “in-between” to be cute- not very scientific compared to so many other things he spoke of in words that were often way beyond my comprehension. He explained, when I asked what the “in-between” was, that is was a place that souls sometimes, in this 3 dimensional world, would chose to stay in even though they were no longer in physicality.Trying to live a physical life, but without a body. I suppose, much like what we refer to as ghosts or earth bound souls.  Anyway, those lifestreams were harvested so they could continue on their journey toward oneness. As were all the souls no longer incarnate on the planet. The processing had begun in earnest was the explanation given to me. It seemed that things had been pushed up, after so much waiting, we were finally seeing  results! It was happening….the loved ones on planet earth were moving toward the light at long last.

And what of us still embodied on the planet? Well, we have all noticed huge changes in the past few months. Many people are reporting some very strange occurrences, as they bounce between dimensions. We have always “blinked” in and out of timelines, which are infinite in number, without our conscious awareness, but with the movement into higher frequencies, we are now beginning to notice this “blinking”. There are noticeable changes from one level to another. We are getting high vibrational pitches in our ears, “dead space” in our days, confusion and general feelings of being lost. As the illusionary third and fourth dimensional world falls apart, to be replaced with a reality that corresponds with our new, higher frequency. We all are seeing how quickly our thoughts manifest into reality. And I know everyone must be feeling the amazing love energy flowing onto the planet.

With that high frequency of love comes the sometimes unpleasant response caused by anything in our life that does not resonate with that vibration. Many, many are dealing with some very difficult issues, which is not to say this is punishment or a lesson for those facing these challenges. It helps a lot to remember it is simply energy needing to be played out- and transformed into the frequency of love. You do that by meeting everything that shows up….with love.  And you do it by remembering the truth of who you are. We are eternal children of an all loving Creator- we are simply playing in creation- a game we agreed to play- with rules we made. So we are not victims- we are all powerful. We are Love.

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  1. Anita Evans July 12, 2018 at 12:51 am - Reply

    Thank you Sherry

  2. Chris September 8, 2015 at 9:44 am - Reply

    Thanks you for all you are doing. We just bought your book and are looking forward to reading it in the next few weeks. This all seems a bit strange and hard to accept. So we just listen with an open mind. We are trying to gather as much information as we can so as to gain some clarity in our understanding. Please continue in your work! We hope you are better now from your illness. Many blessing Chris

    • Sherry Wilde September 8, 2015 at 2:56 pm - Reply

      Thank you Chris for taking the time to write. It sounds like you are in the early stage of the awakening process….good for you! Continue to be discerning- your heart knows what is true and what is not….or at least, not yet ready to be your truth. It is an amazing journey you are about to experience. To assist you I always like to recommend A Course in Miracles or The Way of Mastery. You are about to learn that everything you thought was true & real is not. It has all pretty much been a lie. (-: That sounds harsh, but really if you think about it with an open mind, you will discover that it is a very good thing! One last thing to help as you awaken- remember you are not a victim. No one is doing anything to you….this really is a dream we are having. It is an experience…an experience you are helping to create. Blessings~ Sherry

  3. John August 25, 2015 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    not sure I understand. Have you let go of your job? I am retired and on affixed income. While I see the world falling a part it didn’t start that in 2009. Nothing I see is changed about the world’s greed and focus on materialism. I just want to be sure I have my next meal. how are you really supposed to let go of that? friends and loved ones are my most precious things and I wont’ let a higher frequency be a reason to let go. And outside of climate change were is the evidence for the earths change in frequency? please explain if you have time. thank you.

  4. John August 24, 2015 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Why would the aliens allow you to be poisoned? seems counterproductive?

    Seems odd that raising frequency of Earth is causing more chaos then ever in the world. Where are the people who have evolved? the next decade is probably very quick for “them” but fo the rest of us this seems like a stairway to hell – not heaven! Thanks for your time and reply.

    • Sherry Wilde August 25, 2015 at 11:57 am - Reply

      Whey did they allow me to be poisoned? Good Question John! I will reply in a new blog posting that I will hope to get out later today or tomorrow.

      As for the second part of your question regarding the chaos caused by earth’s ascension…yes, there is a lot of pain & suffering…and I believe there will soon be more. BUT remember this John…our pain & suffering is not being caused by anyone or anything – it is not being done to us- it is caused by our resistance to let go of the illusion. Anything that is not in alignment with the higher frequencies is going to crumble. So as you watch your beliefs, your relationships, your finances, your health, your job….whatever it is…start to fall apart- know that it is coming undone so that the TRUTH can come in. So LET IT GO. Trust and know that your Higher Self is in control of this situation and all your H.S. wants is for you to AWAKEN. So let go of the illusion- you can’t have the old 3-D world and the New Earth- you must release your hold and attachment to anything that is not love. So it is your choice- you still have free will. Cling to the old world and you will stay in hell….trust and let yourself release all fears and you will be shown the way to Heaven. You will get there…your Creator has decreed it be so. The only thing up to you is when…linger in hell or let go and move into the Light.

  5. John August 23, 2015 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    How long till I get moderated?

  6. John August 21, 2015 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    When is the Earth raising itself to the next level?

    • Sherry Wilde August 23, 2015 at 6:27 pm - Reply

      Hi John. Sorry it sometimes takes me awhile. I am slow moving these days as I am recovering from a very serious case of poisoning. I also work full time in my real estate business- or at least try to & am also attempting to launch a new product. I have not been strong enough to write anything for this blog since the poison hit me hard last February, but I do still answer every email I get through my website, facebook or this blog….just not always in a timely manner.

      As for your question, Earth has been moving into the next level of consciousness and is, in most regards, already there. It is for us, her children, to awaken enough whereby we allow the illusions of our old 3-D world to fall away so that we can be fully there with her. Because we create our reality through our thoughts so long as we are still attached to the fear and drama, we will keep ourselves in that plane of existence. We are getting assistance from our Creator, as the energy coming onto the planet is helping us to move into heart centeredness. We are a bit behind schedule, so it is hard to say how this will play out, but I have no doubt it will be massive and the planet will undergo a huge transformation in the next decade.

  7. Airis July 1, 2015 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Great message! I resonate deeply to your experiences. I look forward to reading more of your amazing inner and outer journey. 🙂

    • Sherry Wilde July 2, 2015 at 2:30 pm - Reply

      Thank you for commenting and sharing! I look forward to posting again…have been ill these past several months- returning to good health slowly. Interesting times we find ourselves in! Love & Light~ Sherry

      • Eunice Attwood July 2, 2015 at 5:44 pm - Reply

        I wondered what was going on. So glad you are recovering now. There have been many challenges over the last few months for us to rise above. Sending you my prayers and good wishes, and I hope you feel 100% very soon.
        Love Eunice xxx

  8. eveygigi March 27, 2015 at 5:50 pm - Reply

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  9. greelovely February 4, 2015 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Dear Ms.Sherry, my name is Valarie Jones and I have been chasing you and your story all night(it is after 11amEST now). I wanted you to know how much finding you on YouTube earlier last evening meant/means to me without going into a long drawn out story.

    In 1999 I became pregnant, but being premature, my daughter only lived for one minute. I myself had been in the hospital for 2wks prior to her birth trying to hold on as long as I could so she would have a better chance, but it wasn’t meant to be. I spent a great deal of time in ICU afterwards.

    Ms. Sherry, I believe that I passed away but have no memory of that experience. Prior to my daughter’s death, I had a better relationship with The Father than I do now and for the past 16 years I turned away fro Him because I felt betrayed, like I had done what the Word says and this is how you repay me? But in the last couple of years, I have been wanting that relationship back. I miss our times together.

    I know your work has begun helping me, but I wanted to ask you, Do you think I might have waited too long? Is it to late for me, to raise my frequencies enough so that I can be ready?

    Thank you in advance for all your work you have done & for reading this.

    Sincerely, Valarie Jones

    • Sherry Wilde February 5, 2015 at 10:05 am - Reply

      Dearest Valarie….it is not possible for you to wait too long. We are all connected to our Father- we have never NOT been….but we can forget our connection. We can turn our back on who we are, but we cannot abandon Him- we can only forget for a while. That is a choice we make on a soul level…to fall into a state of separation. It is an experience our soul wants to have because of all we learn from it. You….and your daughter agreed together- on a soul level- to play out that experience of her coming into form and leaving immediately. There are no mistakes or accidents. EVERYTHING happens with consent, on some level. To think you can be betrayed by your Father is a mistake-our Father will never, ever betray us, abandon us or forget us. We are each an aspect of the Creator- we live in Him, so we cannot ever truly be apart. It seems you may have projected the anger you felt over losing your daughter, onto your Father- you needed someone to blame. That is a typical 3-D human response. But now that the vibration of the planet is moving higher….into a frequency of unity, you are seeing that you might have been mistaken. Your Father loves you endlessly and beyond all reason. He does not judge or see you as anything but what you truly are…perfect, innocent and pure love. Open your heart and let His love heal you. Do not judge yourself- forgive yourself- you did nothing wrong. ~Sherry

  10. Candice January 24, 2015 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    I wanted to write another update to this that I have experienced bilateral shots in my shoulders, finger pricks, etc. astrally or in a parallel between state. My sister who is a channel stated she felt these were DNA upgrades and “liquid love” because apparently I still had issues with self worth and love. I too am working through the adrenaline and fear that comes along with having a 3D human form but I know that we have to peel back the layers to the natural self and quit holding on to false definitions of who we were told we should be. Additionally, I too have had these beings (benevolent reptilian) along with white taller gray (father figure), communion type beings ( Orion family) and a larger bulbous gray being who is known as a captain overlooking humanity. After reading your book Sherry, as you know, I had a download of the last chapter telepathically before reading it, images of all the different races of beings I work with, and recently my part in giving my energetic template to hybrids for preparationof a new earth. Much love to you and your followers.

    • Sherry Wilde January 24, 2015 at 5:53 pm - Reply

      Thank you Candace for sharing!!! These are not always easy things to talk about, but the more of us who are willing to speak our truth the more acceptable this topic will become. There is nothing to fear- that is what we need to keep in the forefront of our thoughts. We have limited senses with which to try to understand these events, so it is important to view them without fear. It’s clear you are working through some heavy issues- the same ones I keep hearing over & over. I think you are an amazing lady to be so willing to meet these issues with love and grace. Blessings to you….and I look forward to seeing you in Eureka Springs!!!

  11. ben January 16, 2015 at 10:51 am - Reply

    Sherry, Please feel my deep gratitude for your courage to join us here at this time and your courage to share your story and experience. Very beautiful and powerful message, indeed.
    As I kid I had a real fascination with the cosmos, more than just a passing curiosity. As a teenager I had developed an intense desire to know: Who am I, Where did I come from, How am I here, Why am I here and Where am I going. I had an inner sense that there were secrets about life that we were not being told. In 1979, late at night, I was sitting alone, relaxed, and out of nowhere I began receiving a huge download of information, volumes of knowledge imparted in a few seconds or minutes. All of my questions were answered in an instant. They told me that at some future point in my life that I was to be a teacher, to help others awaken. It all felt somehow familiar, natural, without any sense of grandiosity. Since then my path has been metaphysical. Over the years, as my conscious awareness was expanding, as I was disseminating new information, that which resonated deep within me seem to be bringing to my conscious awareness some of the vast amount of knowledge that had been previously downloaded. Mostly attracted to the nonphysical teachers like Emmanuel, Bartholomew, Seth, Abraham, et al. Have read hundreds of books, daily meditation for thirty+ years. No interest in UFO/ET phenomena until about 2 years ago. Have countless hours of research in this reality since then. Mostly attracted to Dr. Steven Greer’s work and your message. Most of the rest are negative in nature and does not resonate with me. About a year ago in a meditation I felt inspired to assist/support Dr. Greer with his efforts to bring to reality the new energy technology that will surely benefit every being on this planet as well as the healing of Gaia herself. I would like to help in a big way, not for glory or recognition, but because I believe it needs to be done. Am losing interest, however, as none of my intentions are manifesting.
    Lately I have slipped into a state of melancholy, disinterested in continuing in the real estate development and construction that has been my career. I don’t intend to push over any more trees. Disenchanted with all the psychopathic evil being played out. Losing interest in this dimension. No messages or response or assistance from above, or within. Making the transition looks enticing. My apology for the gloomy close. But it is sincere. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Sherry Wilde January 17, 2015 at 6:35 pm - Reply

      Ben, what you are feeling is not uncommon. I think many of us get frustrated and desirous of moving out of this tired ol’ world of games and into a state of unity consciousness. I would venture to guess that you have been serving humanity and Gaia for a good long time and are just plain weary. That is understandable. Awakening is not necessarily a journey into a peaceful world of rainbows and unicorns…..we are being called on to transform a world of pain into a world of love- that is not for the faint of heart. We who are here on planet earth at this time are the bravest of the brave. It is not every soul that can weather a storm such as we have chosen to experience.

      I am a huge advocate of surrender. Every morning I affirm that my will is one with my Creators and I give my life over to Source for guidance on every decision I make. I stopped—a long time ago, trying to make anything happen. I set agendas with an open heart and with lots of room for changes & adjustments along the way. I gave up worrying and wondering if I was going to be okay…..once I saw how synchronistic life aligned for my highest & best good. Best of all I never need worry about anyone else- it is not for me to save, protect or teach anyone anything. I need only extend love. You see, our small, fear based ego would have us believe it is much more complicated than that. But it is not. We are here to be joyful and creative. To love and to learn compassion. We are here to transform this world of pain into a world of love by simply being love. Nothing else is required.

      You chose to come onto this planet at this time because you had a purpose and a strong desire to be here to serve. You wanted this experience- your soul yearned for it and knows it is exactly what you needed. Go within to the silence and find the peace & love that are there. Don’t try to save the world. Instead release the anger, frustration and sorrow you carry deep within your soul. Now is the time to do that work. Your soul is like a wounded child- you are weary from giving to a world that has not given back. So give yourself the love and attention you need. There should be no blame, no shame and no guilt. Just process your emotions and release that energy. Bring light into your field and allow it to transform you. And THAT is how you will reach your greatest potential. Much Love & Light~ Sherry

  12. Jess December 2, 2014 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    What a wonderful experience! I have just finished reading your book – I was not able to put it down! At every spare moment I had I was reading your book. Thank you so much for having the courage to publish it, it’s probably one of the best I have read in the UFO genre! I was also super pleased to see you had a blog!
    I’m really making an effort to monitor my thoughts to create a more positive world not just for myself, but for everyone 🙂

    • Sherry Wilde December 3, 2014 at 1:35 pm - Reply

      What a super sweet message! Could not have come at a better time!! I’m so happy the book resonated with you! Much Love~ Sherry

  13. Eunice Attwood November 28, 2014 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    I am so glad I came discovered you on YouTube. I was born in Dec 1948 and have been having experiences since early childhood. it is wonderful to know I am not the only one? I work as a clairvoyant, and know that much of what I hear comes from my ET friends. I have visitations from Jesus, and his last appearance was just a couple of weeks ago.
    I recently contacted Mary Rodwell of ACERN in Australia with my story. she speaks on YouTube of the many contactees, many children, she has been working with. Bless you Sherry for enlightening the world with your own story. I have ordered your book and can’t wait to read it.

    • Sherry Wilde November 30, 2014 at 5:56 pm - Reply

      Thank you for the note Eunice! I appreciate hearing from you and all the others who are sharing in this journey! I don’t talk much about Jesus (or Yeshua, as I know him) being present on the ship or showing up in my home, but it certainly has happened….a lot. I think there are many of us who have experienced that wonderful energy….yet another thing for us to start talking about, eh?! Wonderful…just wonderful how it’s all being revealed!

      • Eunice Attwood November 30, 2014 at 11:23 pm - Reply

        Thank you Sherry, for your reply. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  14. Candice November 26, 2014 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    Beautifully written and expressed. I can relate that my contacts are occurring in a semi astral state like a parallel reality overlay. I too have been drawn to feeling tree energy and tapping into the mother. I was told to trust me, she and “them”. I have also had experiences with with images shown regarding the earth changes and that some of these are occurring because portals need to be opened. Much love to you.?

    • Sherry Wilde November 30, 2014 at 5:51 pm - Reply

      Thank you Candace!! It all paints a picture and is so validating! Exciting times! Love ya sweetie!

  15. Dennis Nagel November 25, 2014 at 9:00 am - Reply

    I believe what you are recieveing on your spiritual journey for this reason. I have also experience some of the same information, tho I follow more of a Native American path. I have been able to communicate with a friend that has just passed away. She explained there is a transitional world that exist after we leave our bodies. I was told it can be called an adjustment area. Some departed souls transition into this area for a period of time, yet time does not exist in this dimension as it does in our world.

    • Sherry Wilde November 26, 2014 at 10:37 am - Reply

      Always so interesting to hear other’s experiences! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Tanya Brasch November 23, 2014 at 9:58 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the message! Validating and extraordinary. It gives great comfort!

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