I came awake one morning last summer with Da’s words echoing in my head…”It’s time you initiate contact Sherry….it’s time for you to take control.”  Wait a minute, I’d been trying to “be in control” of this whole experience ever since I awakened to my secret life of ET contact. How many times had I said, “Come ring my doorbell on Sunday afternoon like a respectable guest would do- you’ll be welcomed in and we’ll have a nice visit.” He would always be quite amused by that and show me I was not ready. Damn- he was right…my fear was still not under control. So what had changed now? Was my body over that rush of fear based adrenaline it always felt when I first see my guys? My heart was ready- it had been for awhile now, but my body disappointed me every time- going weak with the memory of fear that was buried within its structure.

I continued to have contact with Da but not in physicality. I soon realized that he was not planning to come into my 4th dimensional world again. Instead we- that is, my partner and I, had regular visits from the Draconians. They were a friendly group. They did a series of healing modalities on us, such as reiki and quite a bit of amino acid injections. They told us our bodies were not faring well with all the toxins present and instructed us to drink lots of clean water. This group was, to the best of my knowledge, higher 4th dimensional beings….possibly early 5th. After about 8 weeks of visits, they abruptly left.

Feeling a bit abandoned, we decided to do as Da had instructed and initiate contact. We obtained permission to enter a large tract of land that I knew had a vortex- a vortex that my guys used to travel between dimensions. I had clear memories of the ship moving through the portal located on this beautiful piece of land. We took another couple with us, packed a picnic and followed my intuition to the site most strongly attracting me. The energy was amazing- we all felt it!. I had asked my partner, Jim, to make sure he didn’t let me go off alone, as I was remembering other episodes in my life when I’d had contact, but those with me had not been able to share in it, since they had not stayed with me when I felt drawn to walk away. So when I abruptly got up from our circle and started to leave, Jim called out to me asking where I was going. “Over there, I’m being called to go over there…..” I stated over my shoulder as I continued to walk away. They all jumped up in unison and joined me as we walked about 300 feet to the being that was calling out to me.

We were in a corridor of sorts- on a slight hillside with tall mature trees- pines and hardwoods on each side of us. We’d been able to drive my 4 wheel drive SUV up the    hill and scope out the many different alley ways that went between the trees that, obviously, had been planted in careful rows. We’d chosen this particular corridor after checking out about 3 others. We had driven in, parked the car, walked to our chosen site and set up our little gathering with blankets, lawn chairs and picnic baskets. Anyway, none of us had noticed this particularly beautiful tree that was now calling me. She stood right in the middle of the lane we’d driven in on, so we would have had to have driven around her, yet none of us recalled seeing her there when we entered. As I circled her and beheld her grace and loving energy, I heard her say, “I have a gift for you.” On her boughs, looking like Christmas candles, were pinecones- I knew that was the gift she was offering. The others had been circling the tree, feeling the same sense of awe and appreciation that I was experiencing. I told them to each take a pinecone, as she was presenting us with this gift. With reverence we each approached her and accepted the gift from her outstretched boughs.

Like so much of this anomalous activity, it is hard to convey just how meaningful some of these experiences are…it’s a story to you, the reader, but to have been there and felt that strong connection with another living sentient being, that did not happen to be human, is not something commonly experienced. If you’ve been blessed to have had similar events, you know what I am talking about. The four of us were honored to have been granted such a sacred communion. We returned to our little circle, each carrying our pinecone, and prepared to go into the silence. There was a great deal of activity around us as we stayed in the stillness. I am not sure what the others might have experienced, but I was pulled out of my body and felt myself entering into the inner chamber on the ship. There stood Da and two others that I know so well.  I was greeted with overwhelming love and they seemed quite pleased to see me- I don’t know about them, but I certainly was amazed to find myself really there. “Are you going to show yourselves to us?” I asked. Their answer surprised me, as I was not use to being denied my requests. “No, that is not going to happen. Do you see what you hold in your hand?” I looked and said, “Yes, a pinecone….it was a gift from the beautiful tree.” “Sherry, do you know what the pinecone represents?”  “Yes, the pineal gland”, I answered and they smiled like proud parents. “That’s correct. You need to come to us- it’s time for you to awaken fully and join us. Continue to raise your vibration…open your pineal gland….come to us. We will not be visiting you during this period of time, it is too unstable.” And with that I was shown an image of what apparently was an energetic equation of our planet as it increased in frequency causing disturbance in it’s energy patterns. There appeared fissures in the structure and quaking movement in places. Apparently these are the symptoms of a physical, yet holographic, planet as she moves into a higher state of consciousness.

I hugged each of them, clinging long to Da as I listened to him reassure me that all was well…. I was never alone- they would be nearby…..but it was time. All three expressed such love and appreciation for me, I felt warm for weeks after. It’s taken me all this time to be ready to share this- I wasn’t going to, but they have been pushing me to post this message about the status of our world.

A couple weeks ago I started to hear from my contactee friends asking me if my guys were still coming around, as their contact had abruptly stopped. We shared stories and I checked with others- all ( with one exception who stated that a friend was still reporting contact) confirmed that their contact had ended anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks ago. They continued to have mind-to-mind contact, or they went to them during their sleep state- that is, in astral form, but no physical visits.  I found that interesting and affirming.

Some months ago Da told me that we had gathered up all the souls in the “in-between”, which is what he called it. I don’t know why, but I found his term “in-between” to be cute- not very scientific compared to so many other things he spoke of in words that were often way beyond my comprehension. He explained, when I asked what the “in-between” was, that is was a place that souls sometimes, in this 3 dimensional world, would chose to stay in even though they were no longer in physicality.Trying to live a physical life, but without a body. I suppose, much like what we refer to as ghosts or earth bound souls.  Anyway, those lifestreams were harvested so they could continue on their journey toward oneness. As were all the souls no longer incarnate on the planet. The processing had begun in earnest was the explanation given to me. It seemed that things had been pushed up, after so much waiting, we were finally seeing  results! It was happening….the loved ones on planet earth were moving toward the light at long last.

And what of us still embodied on the planet? Well, we have all noticed huge changes in the past few months. Many people are reporting some very strange occurrences, as they bounce between dimensions. We have always “blinked” in and out of timelines, which are infinite in number, without our conscious awareness, but with the movement into higher frequencies, we are now beginning to notice this “blinking”. There are noticeable changes from one level to another. We are getting high vibrational pitches in our ears, “dead space” in our days, confusion and general feelings of being lost. As the illusionary third and fourth dimensional world falls apart, to be replaced with a reality that corresponds with our new, higher frequency. We all are seeing how quickly our thoughts manifest into reality. And I know everyone must be feeling the amazing love energy flowing onto the planet.

With that high frequency of love comes the sometimes unpleasant response caused by anything in our life that does not resonate with that vibration. Many, many are dealing with some very difficult issues, which is not to say this is punishment or a lesson for those facing these challenges. It helps a lot to remember it is simply energy needing to be played out- and transformed into the frequency of love. You do that by meeting everything that shows up….with love.  And you do it by remembering the truth of who you are. We are eternal children of an all loving Creator- we are simply playing in creation- a game we agreed to play- with rules we made. So we are not victims- we are all powerful. We are Love.