We think it might be possible that Jim had a little meet and greet on this night. He was refereeing a game in Mt. Horeb so I went out with a girlfriend for the evening. When I got home, a little before midnight, I found him sitting in the dark waiting for me. It was clear something was troubling him and when I inquired he stated that he was trying to figure out how he gotten home. He knew he had turned into my development from the opposite direction that he should have—he’d been heading east and made a right hand turn, when he should have been driving west, thereby making a left hand turn into the neighborhood. I replied that he must have come down JG instead of 92, but he insisted that he had been on 92. Then he changed gears and started to tell me how he’d seen the most amazing deer eyes glowing in the dark. He described these deer- saying there were 2 or 3 of them standing by the side of the road and he’d slowed down to look at them….and then he became somewhat confused as he couldn’t remember if he had actually stopped or just went by real slow, then he said he stopped, but quickly changed it to, “no, actually, the car kinda rolled to a stop, now that I think about it.”  We talked for a short while and I could see he was befuddled as to what had occurred, so I suggested we turn in for the night and continue this discussion tomorrow.

In the morning we sat down and went over his drive from Mt. Horeb to my house in detail. It was determined that he had indeed been on Hwy 92, as he remembered going by a road called Messerschmidt or some long, strange name like that. So he was correct- he’d been on 92 as there is a road just north of Mt. Vernon that is named Messerschmidt.  Then I told him he made a wrong turn in Mt. Vernon onto Hwy JG and that’s how he ended up making that right turn into my neighborhood.  But he kept insisting that he never made it into Mt. Vernon- that it was impossible for him to drive through that little burg without realizing it, as that was his indication to start watching for his turn onto Cty Hwy U. So I asked him exactly where did he see the deer eyes, and he said it was soon after going by Messerschmidt, on a bend. So that meant that he’d gotten to almost the north edge of Mt. Vernon, probably about a mile or so from the limits of the little unincorporated village. Which means he had to have gone into Mt. Vernon in order to end up on JG, but he was adamant that he had not entered the village.

He recalled that he’d seen the deer standing by the side of the road, but their eyes were yellowish/green and seemed to glow. And they were huge. Now he started to question this part of the episode and wondered why he would even think deer would have large eyes that glowed like that. Next he talked about the car slowing down and I watched him closely as he struggled to remember if he’d put the brakes on or if the car had somehow come to a stop by itself. He seemed so bewildered by it all –I felt bad for him-I know that feeling only too well. So I asked him what happened after the car stopped and he seemed confused by the question. Finally, he said that he didn’t remember anything- the next thing that happened was that he found himself driving on a road and didn’t have a clue as to where he was, so he punched my address into the GPS, and that’s how he ended up coming in the back way. He thought he had been on a road called G, which confirmed that he did indeed drive into Mt. Vernon, but turned onto G….somehow without remembering it. I said, “I think you had an encounter…all the classic signs are there. Not to mention that the Mt. Vernon area is a hotbed for their activity. I happen to know there is a vortex there- that is, an entry point that is used to move between dimensions.”  Almost as soon as I said that, I “heard” the word “indoctrination” spoken softly. I told Jim and we both agreed that we knew what it meant, but what did they mean by it. Immediately I heard the voice say “look it up in the dictionary” and so we did. Here’s what it said: To train to accept a system of thought uncritically. Then they showed me an image of his vehicle coming to a stop with three or four of these little guys walking toward the car and Jim getting out under his own power. One of the guys had his hand on the door handle, but it appeared that Jim opened the door and willing got out of the car. They stood in a semi-circle in front of him and I could see that Jim displayed no fear whatsoever. It was very reassuring for me to see that he was not afraid and that it was definitely a friendly meeting. They showed me that little episode at least 4 times over the next few days. The thing is, and I didn’t tell Jim this immediately, but those weren’t “my guys”; they appeared to be Draconians. That was very unsettling to me and I was quite confused by it for some time until I was reassured that there are positive entities from that race, just as there are positive and negative beings in every race.

I’d seen the encounter at least 4 times and was confused by the fact that his car was up against a railing on the driver side- which had to mean he was in the wrong lane. I could see it was on a sweeping corner with what appeared to be a fairly new guardrail. I wanted to go view the stretch of road north of Mt. Vernon and see if I could correctly pick out the site of the meet & greet. Eventually we drove up there to take a look. We came down from the north- the same direction Jim had been driving that evening and I pointed out the place that I felt certain was it. Jim had a harder time being sure of the exact location, due to the fact that he’d been the one having the encounter and I know only to well how muddy things can get, but we finally came to a consensus that it had to be that spot, even though it meant his car had somehow been turned around, facing north. Which also meant that it would have had to have been turned south again before he headed out. As we discussed this issue Jim questioned whether he had gone back to see the deer eyes, as he’d had that thought and perhaps had done so, but the memory was gone- wiped clean along with the rest of the encounter.

We determined that the time he spent with them probably didn’t exceed 30 minutes and was, most likely, closer to 15 minutes, which is not the typical scenario. It really was a meet and greet!