I’ve struggled with chemtrails from the very first moment I was forced to accept the reality of their existence. Like most, I hid from the horrible implications of this most heinous crime against Gaia and her children. I could not fathom such evil existed. I do not accept being cast in the role of victim, so I went to my fallback position, which was to ask Sprit to help me perceive this in a different manner. It’s been about 3 years since I first became aware of the spraying and I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. I tried, I really tried to see it as energy needing to be released as humanity ascended, but then I would awaken to a sky crisscrossed in giant plumes of chemicals and I would feel anger, resentment, depression…..you name it. My peace was disturbed by this horrific, often daily, act. I had trouble believing all was in Divine Order and as a result I felt the need to do something….anything.

First I formed a THRIVE Solutions Group and we met a half dozen times or more, but I found that I felt even more helpless as we struggled to find a solution to this overwhelming problem. We were a handful of concerned people with no idea how to even make a dent in this massive chemtrail operation. So then I did a petition. That was depressing. So many people refused to look up….refused to see what was going on right above their heads. They went into fear….fiercely and aggressively they denied the very existence of this phenomenon. I actually had one woman say to me, “Ya, I heard about those and I see it, but I don’t want to know about it.”  I thought, well, it’s a little late for that!

Next I got angry. I handed off the THRIVE Group, which immediately fell apart due to apathy and frustration and I walked around pissed. The more angry I got, the more I saw the spraying- great big ol’ X’s right over my house. One day my flower bed and roses were covered in a thick white sticky type substance that could come from nothing other than the spraying. I was starting to feel the affect of the toxins in my body…see it in my trees and flower gardens. Boy, I was mad! I knew that this was not that different from what I’d experienced as a “victim” of the alien abduction story, so I knew I had to change my mind about this….but how? I couldn’t seem to move past my anger and feelings of victimization- for not just me, but Gaia…my beloved Gaia; her trees, streams and very breath were being poisoned. Overwhelming sadness would almost suffocate me at times. I asked Spirit daily to show me another way to perceive this.

One day I went out for my morning walk. I parked my car where the trail intersected the road….I could head north or south- I decided to go north, as the sky to the south was filled with tracks from spraying. I barely got started when a low flying jet came overhead, flying directly over my trail- toward me. He followed that curve in that trail exactly and flew right over my head spewing out his nasty poison. I stood there dumbfounded and in a bit of a stupor. That plane had flown low and ridiculously slow….I knew an illusion when I saw one! Just what was going on here! The plume of noxious fumes started at my turnaround point and ended at the intersection behind me….it was only in the airspace above the path I intended to walk and no more!   This had all the earmarks of a “lesson” and I realized I needed to get past my anger, my sadness and my feelings of being a victim….in other words, I had to align my thoughts with Spirit, not my small, fear based human ego. The egos voice in my head was chattering away like crazy and I struggled to get present so that I could hear Spirits message, as I knew there had to be one- this event was staged to get my attention and it had worked! Now I needed understanding. A Course in Miracles teaches us that peace can only come through understanding, and so I listened in the silence as I walked under that illusionary cloud of poison.

Of course that was the answer. I’d known it all along! This planet is a world of duality- good/bad, black/white, up/down, positive/negative. The people inhabiting this earth had fallen into fear- creating a world of separation- a world of their own making…not the home our Creator had prepared for us. So this is not our natural home, it is an illusionary world filled with the projections we all share through our fear based selves. We are a species in the throes of a huge step up the evolutionary ladder- we had tons of fear energy that needed to be released and this was the result. We were creating/allowing this to be by our very belief in being a victim. By refusing to look at it from a place of peace and understanding…that is, seeing it for the truth of what it was, we were perpetuating it by reacting with fear, anger, sadness or anything other than love! And by refusing to look at it -or even acknowledge its existence, we were giving consent….allowing it to be a part of our experience.

It was only a few days later that I did my morning study of the Course in my library….a room I had never used for that purpose and have not done so since, but as with all things, there was a reason. Upon completing a particularly wonderful prayer & meditation, I glanced out the window and saw two jets flying toward my house spewing out chemtrails. Because of the state I was in, I was not in the least bit disturbed to see this….instead I acknowledged that it was just an illusion. I focused on the nearest jet, closed my eyes and envisioned the pilot sitting in the cockpit. I simply looked at him, affirmed his innocence and extended love to him. There was no fear in any of this- just a deep reverence and awareness that this person & those responsible for this act were all children of God and totally innocent. I opened my eyes to see the plume of noxious spray instantly stop coming out of the jet- as well as having the cloud of fumes, for about 3 miles back, disappear in the blink of an eye. I started to weep with the joy of having experienced this miracle.

Now I turned my attention to the other jet, which was getting very close to my house. Again I focused on the pilot, making the same affirmations, but this time when I opened my eyes the entire trail of vaporous poisons disappeared. I continued to weep and give thanks for the miracle. I felt humbled and so grateful to have had the experience. I sat in silence for a long time.

When I did start getting on with my day, I kept an eye out for another jet as I wanted another opportunity to “zap” him.   (-:   Sure enough, right before noon another one came from the southeast, headed right over my house. I ran outside in order to see it better, as it was coming in very fast. I stood on the patio and centered myself. I went through the very same process and opened my eyes to see the jet straight above me- my head was tilted all the way back and the plume of spray was thick above me….then it happened. Not only did the spray disappear, but the jet was gone in less than a heartbeat. I gulped. I felt a tingle of fear as I ran around looking for the jet, but the sound of it was also gone…I had not only “zapped” the chemtrial, but the entire aircraft and pilot. I ran into my house, filled with fear and certain that the controllers would send out another jet to bomb my house and me! I called a friend to talk this through, as it was very upsetting for me- it took me a bit to realize that I hadn’t “zapped” the pilot into oblivion- I had simply raised my vibration out of the illusion– he and his spray were still there in that other timeline, existing just a hair below the one I was now in. (whew)

Eureka! I loved doing this…zapping the jets and their chemtrails! I’ve continued to do it with mixed results. It is clear I need to be centered in my heart- hold no fear or judgment about what I am seeing and truly extend unconditional love to the pilot and see him and the experience as totally innocent. It also appears that if I am with someone and zap a chemtrail, sometimes that person does not share in the experience of seeing it disappear. I’ve shared this with many people- I even sent it off to groups who are concerned deeply with this issue, but I don’t think they are buying it. I understand that.

Here’s the takeaway…..if you have fear around this issue or any other, I encourage you to try it. I have friends who have had the very same results as me. We don’t have to be super high vibrational beings to do this. We just need to remember the truth of who we are….divine children of a Creator who empowered us with amazing abilities to create our own reality. So let’s start creating it through our hearts…with Love instead of fear. We can do this!…..we must do this! Imagine the world we would haveit truly would be Heaven!