Something is going on. Unless someone out there is doing a promotion of my work, there appears to be an activation of some sort happening.

As most, if not all of you know, I had to back away from my work due to health challenges brought on by an attack that included poison, mind control, DEWs and ELF radiation. I was forced to take down my contact page on my website, as I could no longer keep up with the correspondence. I felt pretty defeated. I felt I had not been able to fulfill my mission and what was worse, I soon no longer cared. I was exhausted and saddened by the sorry state of my life. It took me a very long time to understand how and why this had happened. I never believed in evil- never believed in attack- I certainly did and still do know that nothing happens to us without our consent…so I struggled everyday with the idea I had somehow allowed all this to happen and on some level wanted to sabotage myself and my message.

Now I get it. Like so many millions of others, I came here from another dimension that does not know evil, hatred or anything negative. Like so many others we believe in only love. Which is good, right? Except that this is a world of duality…it is the game of Light vs. Dark. I had volunteered to come here and raise the vibration and bring a message that we are not alone. I had volunteered to help defeat the Dark, but didn’t realize that to do that, we must look at the Dark- acknowledge the dark and CHOOSE LOVE. But I am not going to go into all that- I think I have posted about that previously.

Here is what I want to say. The people who optioned my book to make it into a movie are coming in a few days to start filming a documentary about my life experiences. They are hoping this film will spark attention to the issue of contact and help bring about a movie or series based on my book. The lady producer is a kind, awakened person who knows her business. I have complete faith in her. However, I was feeling like a fraud….a fake! She writes me about how important this message is- how I can share with the world my story and be a source of inspiration, when all I feel is defeated. I’ve been struggling with this and decided all I can do is be who I am and tell the truth- that I’ve had the crap beat out of me. I’ve lost my entire family- my health- my wealth and I’m tired. I have no words of inspiration. I’m barely hanging on.

A few months ago I was communicating with Da and said that I didn’t like this Lightworker thing at all- it was not what I was expecting…it was much harder. He came back strong and clear, saying “Lightworker!? You are a LIGHTWARRIOR…make no mistake about this, Sherry. You are here to do battle with the dark. This is not for the faint of heart and you knew this before agreeing to come, but still you came!”

So just a few days before the film crew is due to arrive I start to feel my guys around me. I get the typical signs they are nearby and I am so grateful to have them here with me. Late yesterday afternoon my inbox started to fill up with messages and book orders. Overnight I received more emails and two people tracked me down and called me- both feeling an urgent need to speak to someone who would understand what they’ve been experiencing. The messages are posted on my blog today, so they are there for you to see. I know my guys had a hand in this…after several months of little activity, why would I suddenly hear from people all around the world? I take these messages into my heart and I feel the pain, confusion, joy, trepidation, worry and concern for our Mother Earth and Her Children. My compassion is deep for the souls who have been lost in this realm for so long- suffering under a control system that many did not even know was in place. These message helped me to remember why I came here. They touched me and awakened in me the desire to once again be of service and work to finish what we are all here to do. Return this planet and her people to the Light.

We are almost at critical mass…so much is happening it makes our head spin as people continue to awaken in amazing numbers. It is always darkest before the dawn, so we all must join together to hold the love and light in our hearts that will see us through these days. Know and Trust we are birthing a new world…a world free of evil, control and suppression. Never doubt how much impact you have. With every thought you are choosing between Light and Darkness… conscious and always lead with LOVE.

I wrote this fast- I have a full day- no time to proof….(-:  Just wanted to get it out to you all.  lotsa love~ Sherry