It was such an honor to speak at the conference held in Eureka Springs recently. I was in good company with the many well respected UFO investigators, experiencers and media people, but certainly the very best part was connecting on such a personal level with those who came to hear my lecture.  One young man told me he drove eleven  hours, straight through, specifically so he could be there in time to catch my talk! I cannot and do not want to single out any others, as each and every person that took the time to stop by my table or approach me to share a story, ask a question or simply say “thanks” has touched me on a very deep level. I was told by Da that this book would find its way into the hands of those who were meant to read it and that it would be a catalyst to those who were ready to receive its message, and you all certainly have proven that to be true.

My partner & I left for Eureka Springs on Tuesday as we wanted to take our time driving down and spend a little time exploring the community before the conference began. We have fallen in love with the uniqueness of the village and enjoyed our stay there immensely. We had been lamenting the fact that our “guys” had not been around for awhile, but they showed up the night before our departure and administered reiki to both of us. It was amazing- we both felt the effects for several days. Jim had never gotten an energy transference such as this before and I was grateful that they included him in the gift. I know they did this for me so that I would be relaxed and composed for my lecture, and no doubt they knew that Jim would also benefit. It was funny the next morning, as we compared notes as to what had gone on- he’d heard the three sharp raps that often precede their entrance, but was befuddled about their preoccupation with his feet. (smile) I explained that these guys love to do energy transference- otherwise known as reiki and it usually entails touching or rubbing our feet.

So we were very happy to have the guys back. I was also aware of their presence while we were in Eureka Springs and was not overly surprised when I learned there had been a UFO sighting above the hotel where we had our dinner. I am not claiming it was them- although I will ask them, but I am thinking that they might have thought it beneficial to our overall cause to make an appearance- they certainly have been known to do that in the past. Here’s a link to some pictures:

I’ve heard from many of you since returning home and I think a common thread running through the emails is the acknowledgement of the deep sense of connection we all felt. A few have asked why that would be, so I am going to address it now, as I love the answer and want to expand on it.

What we were feeling was a resonance of our vibration- “like recognizing like”, which is giving us all a small sample of what we will experience when humanity on this planet reaches unity consciousness. Sweet, right? We said things like, “I feel like I know you…you feel like family….I remember you….” that is the awareness of the Christ consciousness in another- which is not really another, since we are all One. So it is the acknowledgement of our Oneness. The divine in me sees and appreciates the divine in you. Which is why I end my book with the word “Namaste” because it is exactly what I endeavor to do when meeting someone. I see the truth of who you are and I extend the Love that I am to the Love that you are, thereby increasing that vibration in both of us and in the world. That is how unity consciousness works- it is being in awareness of your Being– feeling your connection to Source always.

People are afraid they are going to disappear or lose themselves when we move into that vibration of Oneness, but those of us who experienced this heart-to-heart connection this past week at the conference know that we only want more, right? If that’s disappearing, bring it on! In truth it is an amping up of our vibrational frequency as we move closer to remembering the truth of who we are and leave the illusionary world behind. We are creating Heaven on earth, which is what the second coming of Christ is all about- it is this awareness that is coming onto the planet now that will restore earth’s children to their natural state. The way we were originally created was in this state of Oneness- it was never our Creators intent that we suffer, struggle and eventually seem to die. Would this be the kind of world you would create for your beloved child? Then why do we believe our Supreme Creator would make a world such as this for us? Goodness….God did not place us in this hellish place- we did when we chose to forget our divine nature. Our Father/Mother God is incapable of creating anything that is less than perfect or eternal.

It was this glimpse of Oneness- this beginning step into our new earth that we experienced while at the conference, but we don’t need to just go back into the old 3-D world….we have an obligation to continue this practice of remembrance, for ourselves and for all those who are still sleep-walking through life. Keep looking for that spark of divinity in all you meet and keep extending Love to all you encounter. Do this and I promise you your life will change- your world will change. As Da has told me many times…it starts with one.

So I will be back down to Arkansas for the Transformational Conference being held June 20-22 in Springdale. I look forward to seeing some of you again, as well as making new connections with those feeling called to be there.