What is our purpose? Who are we and why are we here? These are the questions we should be asking at this time and the answer needs to be carried in our hearts as we move forward. More than ever it is critical that we not be distracted or waiver from our true purpose. There is a lot going on out there in the matrix – don’t let it fool you into believing it is real. Right now we are being presented with some huge choices–some very intriguing stories and potentials are being put before us. This planet has a very colorful history with a lot of villains and good guys.  Add to that the secrecy, lies, ongoing deception, ET involvement, enslavement of humanity and we have a very intriguing story, to say the least. Humanity has been controlled, but we have allowed it through our complacency. We have agreed to play the role of victim by letting ourselves fall into a deep state of unconsciousness. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated and programed. Beware of exchanging one set of programing for another as we endeavor to claim our autonomy.

So why are we here? We all know the answer, right? We are here to awaken from our dream of separation. We originally came here to experience contrast-otherness- something other than an eternal state of love, which is our true divine nature. We are God. We are not an aspect of God….we are God. Does it make you uncomfortable to hear or say those words? If so, then you are still buying into the dream – the illusory world of separation. Which means you are susceptible to giving away your power to another. You are still willing to be programmed and controlled.

Right now you are making a choice. With every thought you have you are either choosing to remember your true nature or you are playing little. In other words, you are either choosing to awaken and claim your sovereignty or you are giving your power away. You choose between love and fear a thousand times each day. I see so many who are disheartened because somewhere someone made a statement as to how our ascension is going to play out. Clearly these people have forgotten who they are. They are continuing to allow themselves to be programmed. They are still in fear. TPTW (the powers that were) know how powerful we are! They use our fear against us. They know how to play us.

Choosing to awaken from the dream of separation is the easy part. It happens when we have had enough of the suffering that comes from living in a world that is not our true home. We yearn to return to love. But shedding ourselves of the negative energy we have collected or agreed to release is brutally hard. Whether we look at our own seemingly singular journey or we look at the collective journey of humanity, we see just how difficult a process this is. It is not tripping lightly down an ivy lined path filled with rainbows and unicorns while harp music plays sweetly in the background. No- this is a path that can get dark and treacherous. We are called on time and time again to reaffirm the truth of who we are. We do not make this journey alone– although we feel abandoned during the process.  We get pushed to the limit over & over again. And each time we consciously choose for love we strengthen the whole, since we are all one.

So let’s look at the choices in front of us now- as the collective consciousness of the planet and as a soul yearning to awaken. Do we want to continue to be controlled? Do we want to be told who we are and where we are headed? Will we sit passively by while others make decisions for us? Now to be sure, I am not suggesting we take to the streets in protest or prepare for battle. What I am suggesting is that we get very clear about our who we are and what we want. Is this resonating with your heart? All truth should resonate with your heart. We are God. We are one with our Creator- we must claim our autonomy and declare to TPTW and anyone else that wants to speak for us or program us, that we are sovereign beings and we will no longer have our free will infringed upon. I believe it is important that we state this clearly and with conviction each day during our meditation/prayer or simply as we go about our day.

It is not enough that we stay centered in love. It is not even enough that we keep our thoughts positive. We are dealing with dark energy here- it is our shadow self and the collectives negative energy that needs healing and transmutation into light.  This is heavy duty work that requires focus and all the power we hold within us. The God in us needs to step forward from behind the wall of fear we have built and reclaim Herself and our planet.

So I challenge you to live fearlessly and with the conviction of one who knows their own true divine nature. Do not be manipulated – don’t get sucked into the drama- laugh often and above all, be the powerful being you are.