So up to this point I’ve shared a chronicle of my ongoing contact, along with some experiences that Jim participated in, and I’ve ranted a bit about how difficult it is to be in this position of “outing” myself as a participant in this volunteer program. Now it is time to get down to what is really important- the whole reason this is even happening. While it can be fun to share the weirdness of these encounters, that is not where the focus should be.

The world is changing, right?

You can see it day by day- they can’t even keep it out of mainstream media, so we know there must be a lot going on. Our planet, along with all the Universe is moving through a portal that enables us to ascend into a higher dimension. It is the next step in our evolution-long overdue, but that is a different story and one I won’t go into now. We have moved out of the 3rd dimension and are in the throes of 4th dimension…on our way to the 5th. As the frequencies get higher it will become increasing uncomfortable for anything or anyone who does not resonate with that finer vibration to continue in the old way.

Many, many people are now feeling victimized and helpless in the face of some pretty ruthless “powers that be”. There are many who feel as though life is over-whelming and that it is fruitless to even try to better your situation. At the very least, most people are feeling like life is a struggle and every day is just another one to get through. Whether it is big government, greedy banks, a seemingly powerful business or a bully boss that is causing you headaches, know that it is just energy being brought to the surface. It is not possible to be a victim. We are all, through our thoughts, creating this reality and we are all responsible for what is happening. In truth there is no “enemy” out there. We are moving out of a dualistic experience (3rd dimension) and into a dimension of unity consciousness (5th dimension). Greed, enslavement, power over others or any other type of low level energy will not withstand our shift into the higher dimensions. That is why it needs to be released- transmuted into Love/Light. We can’t do it if we don’t acknowledge it, forgive it (without judgment) and release it.

So when you find yourself feeling victimized, remember this: You’ve been entrusted, by your Higher Self, to forgive the entity that is appearing to walk all over you….yes, forgive them by seeing it for what it is. They are the catalyst for you to release old 3rd dimensional energy so that we can move into a world of freedom. Freedom from financial entrapment, dominance over others and having to work, just to live on our planet. The Creator never intended that we be enslaved…never intended that we fall into this painful state of separation….and certainly never intended that we forget the truth of who we are. Thank God- literally- that we are now reawakening to that truth. So be gentle with yourself and be vigilant to keep your thoughts positive by loving yourself, forgiving yourself and extending both of those practices out into the world and our “other-selves”, because in truth, there is nobody else out there. We are all One with the Creator.