I’ve been single for most of my adult life and one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced is how to tell a new significant other about the ongoing ET contact. While a majority of people recognize that it is mathematically impossible for us to be alone in the universe, few are comfortable with the claim of contact- especially to the extend that I’ve had.  I found it easier to just not share that part of myself, unless I was in a cycle of intense encounters, and then I really had no choice.  It is pretty well impossible to keep this part of my life under wraps if the person is spending any kind of time with you.  I remember one time when my S.O. watched as I got up out of bed- walked out the glass door- stood on the patio for a fair amount of time and then walked quickly off to the east, out of sight. The next morning I had no memory of this experience- of course, but I wanted to know why my partner had not called out to me or come after me. His response was exactly what I’d come to expect…he was also befuddled as to why he hadn’t done either of those things. But that is the nature of these experiences.

Now I was in a new relationship- one that had been ordained by my angels. That is, they had orchestrated our meeting….but that’s a story I won’t be sharing here. It is clear to me now, that like all my relationships, this one had a higher purpose to it- and in this case it has been Jim’s amazing ability to ground me. I sometimes will forget how different I am. It is a side-effect of spending so much time in a higher dimension- I literally forget that not everyone is open to the things I am experiencing. He yanks me back and calls me on some of the more outrageous patterns in my speech or outlook on life. In other words, he reminds me I’m living in a 4 dimensional world!

Early on in our relationship, I had to find a way to tell him about  my “secret life”. So under cover of darkness late one night, while we lay in bed softly talking, I tell him about my book and my ongoing contact with the ETs.  It was a very difficult thing to do. I was afraid it would be too far out for him. We spent a good long time talking about it and I could tell he was trying to decide what he should do. The next morning he beat a hasty retreat and I wondered if I’d seen the last of him. Then a few days later he sent me a beautiful ecard that contained this line: “I think you can teach me things I don’t even know I don’t know”, and we moved forward from there. He had tons of questions and was very open to hearing my story.  He read the manuscript, which seemed to impact him greatly. He eventually asked if it would be possible for him to meet my guys. I’d already asked for them to show themselves to him- a UFO sighting was what I had in mind or another incident of them projecting their image on my ceiling would have been perfect, but the response I got was “Not now….perhaps later. He’s not ready.”

I get that a lot. There are some people out there who have only curiosity about the galactics and have little to no fear, so when they learn of my contact they ask if it’s possible for me to arrange a meeting. And then there are those who don’t believe at all and want my guys to show themselves in order to prove their existence. Once Da responded to yet another request from me with this rather tart answer, “Do you believe me to be no more than a circus act that you can parade out to entertain your friends?”  I pretty well quit asking after that. I mean, the guy once told me that he was “a voyager of the universe, going where needed in service to the Creator”, so I’m thinking he’s got better things to do than prove his existence to some lower level life forms, right? If you took exception to that comment, please don’t. After all we are 3rd- well, now 4th density beings, and that’s barely conscious, in the larger scheme of things.