About ten days ago I came awake with a download from my guys being absorbed into my conscious awareness. After the download was complete, they asked me to do a video about this subject…they stressed a video. But, sorry, I am just not well enough to take that on. As it is, it has taken me until now to put it down on paper. The general subject of their message was about, what they called, the Second Wave of Awakening, which they tell me is imminent. (Although, we all know they are not good with time issues!) Now it is a fact that people are awakening every day- more now due to the ridiculous things being played out for all to see…. Should one choose to see. But it sounds like there could be a singular event or trauma big enough to knock the sleepers out of their slumber into a state of jarring awareness. And that is what they wanted me to address.

Those of us who have been labeled the conspiracy freaks and whose family and friends have distanced themselves from us, because we think so different from them, have probably been in awareness for a long time…at least to some degree. We knew immediately that 9/11 was not as we were told- we knew it the instant we saw it happen. Hell, if you’re old enough, you probably knew the JFK assassination was an “inside job” and not at all what was being forced down our throats. We have an innate ability to just know. That may be because you came here as a lightworker, volunteer or starseed to serve during this time of the great earth changes. Or you might just be wired that way- to discern truth from deceit.

Those that have chosen to stay asleep up until this point are the majority. And it is a choice that was made on a soul level. I’ve been meeting with many of these souls on the astral level and encouraging them to “make a run for it” since their frequency is high enough for them to fully awaken. So, why haven’t they awakened yet? Clearly, there is enough BS out there for anyone to see that a closer look at things is warranted. They have chosen to hide from it due to fear. These souls, if you just take a minute to consider them, are gentle souls. Yes, there are exceptions- there are always exceptions! There are those people who are just too aligned with their ego- too angry to let go of the story they have been stating and identifying with for so long. These will be the last to awaken if they wake up at all this time. The ones my guys wanted me to address- although it is unlikely many of them will be reading this- I guess that is why they wanted a video…oh well. I still think it is important for the ones who will be lending support to hear this message. Those who are traumatized by whatever it is that shocks them awake are going to need lots and lots of love, patience and understanding from those of us that have already come to terms with how this world works.

One of the hardest things humanity, in general, is going to struggle with is the forgiveness of those who perpetrated such evil against us. The programmed response to that is going to be one of falling into the role of victim…which is the last thing that should happen. That does nothing to transmute the dense energy. The children of earth will need to make Oneness a part of their mindset. Above all else, they will need to embrace and understand there is no separation! They will need to think in terms of energy, frequency and forgiveness. The new kind of forgiveness, which is not assigning guilt and, being the better person, you “forgive” them. No, it is the forgiveness that recognizes that this was all about energy playing out at the “request” of the “victim” and so there is no perpetrator and there is, in truth, no victim.

You chose to come to this world of duality because you wanted to challenge yourself with that type of game. This world is an illusion. We are dreaming it into being. It is ludicrous to blame another for anything that happens to you while playing the game. You are the dreamer or your dream- to blame another is just plain silly.

Still, knowing all of the above is not going to help initially. These souls- which many of them are almost of the angelic nature- are going to spin out of control for a while. Many will not be able to function and some will not be able to get out of bed. We must be very present with these people in our response to them. They cannot be given a pat on the back and told to buck up. And they certainly will not need to hear, “I told you so”. OMG, please don’t even think it….few, if any lightworkers would ever do that! These traumatized people will need us to listen to them as they process what has happened to their world. Remember, a lot of what they trusted in and believed in is now gone. They feel like they have no ground beneath their feet. Be gentle. Be reassuring. Share what you know about the new earth and provide resources to those that ask.

I can see that those who are strongly aligned with a religion will be forced to face some uncomfortable truths. Religion was also hijacked by the controllers, so those who are devout in their faith have been deeply programmed to believe in judgement, sin and the need to “earn” their way into heaven. Learning that they were seeded onto this planet as an experiment is not going to sit easily with them. But that can wait for later, if possible. It is understandable that they will want to find comfort in their beliefs, but it could be short-lived as more and more is revealed. It would seem a good idea to, at least, introduce them to another way of thinking…maybe spiritual instead of religion. Of course, many of these angel souls are already there and perhaps, way ahead of us on that front.

I think that was the major info I was given in the download. Basic stuff, really, but important to keep in mind during the days and weeks ahead. It’s going to be a bumpy ride all the way through the end of the year. The closer we get to the election, the more the dark ones will fight to remain in control. They will continue to expose the true nature of who and what they have been all along. There will be no secrets. I find it helps to view it as a necessary, but ugly, process we must go through in order to reach the desired level of frequency on this planet. After all, the dark must be eradicated so we can move into those higher vibrations. We will, eventually, simply leave them behind. So stay centered in your heart- send love to all- even the dark (and NO!! it does not empower them) Keep yer eye on the prize! We’ll get there!