It’s a Sunday morning and Jim & I are lying in bed talking softly before we get our day started.  As we talk, I notice what I have always considered to be a “red plasma ball” floating over by the partition to the sitting alcove.  I watch it while we talk and don’t bother to mention it to Jim, as I see them quite frequently and just assume he can’t.  But then he asks me if I see that red thing over by the column.  It surprises me and when I say yes,  the ball hovers for just a second more then takes off- like they usually do when noticed-  leaving a streak of red as it disappears.

I was very pleased that Jim was able to see one of my red plasma balls.  They’ve been around my entire adult life and quite frequently during the last 10 or 12 years.  I don’t know why I think of them as plasma, but that is what they appear to be.  They are not orbs, which I also have from time to time.  These are very deep red and very physical.  The typical sighting is last thing at night or first thing in the morning. So often I will open my eyes to find one hovering by the edge of my bed- at eye level.  It seems to notice that I’ve awakened and then it’s like it goes “oops….jigs up….” And they disappear in a streak- so they don’t fly out the door or anything….well, once in a great while they will, but usually they just move extremely fast and are gone.  There most definitely is intelligence there- whether it is some kind of camera with an intelligent being watching through it or if that little blob has intelligence, I couldn’t say, but I sense awareness there.  For some reason, I like seeing them- they make me feel safe.  I don’t much like it when they are gone for too long, as they have a tendency to do, they will disappear for months at a time….just like “my guys” do.