….don’t allow it to push you into fear, anger or the belief you are a victim. I know it’s hard, but let’s turn the tables on the ones who are doing this. What if every time we saw spraying, it triggered us to remember the truth of who we are? What if, instead of responding from a place of negativity, it moved us closer to Love? How long do you think this would persist? So my challenge to you is this; send love…..yes love, to those who are doing this. In truth, that is the only response we should have. Every time you react with anger or fear, you are adding that negative energy to their cause. You cannot be a victim- it is not possible! And most certainly Gaia cannot be a victim- to see her in that light is to put negativity around her.

Remember the truth of who you are! Every time they spray be determined to use it as a trigger to remember the truth. If you just can’t find it within you to send love, than instead take a few seconds to affirm our true nature. We are one with our Creator- we are not separate bodies, we are eternal children of an all loving Creator. We can only move beyond this idea of being a victim by refusing to accept the illusion.

WE are creating this through our vibration of fear- by our belief we are little helplessย victims of some terrible, evil force. That is only true if you want it to be. Be centered in your heart- remember the truth of who you are and let’s turn what appears to be a horrific act against humanity into a device for forgiveness.