I feel compelled to post a short message regarding what is happening on the planet at this time. I have been thinking about this for a while, but I’ve been distracted by my own health issues of late. Then yesterday I got a significant download, so that nudged me into action.

Right now, as I write this- June 6, 2020- we have transitioned from the drama of the worldwide pandemic to protests that have escalated into riots. The riots have been occurring in the US, but I would expect them to spread- just as the COVID-19 virus did- to other countries. And after the riots, there will be more disruption- ugly things are going to continue to happen.

What, in truth, is going on? Well, we are in the split. Back in about 1989 Da told me, “The time will come when those who are of the Light and ready to live in peace and harmony will not be allowed to do so because of the presence of lower frequency beings, still aligned with conflict and control over others. It will not be possible for them to exist in the same time/space.” Then he showed me the ends of two magnets that could not be brought together. “See how they repel due to the difference in polarity? So, it will be with humanity” He went on to explain that the gulf between the “service to self” people and the “service to others” will be too contentious- those with the lower frequencies would be removed from the planet so the higher frequency beings could live in peace & harmony. Soon after this Da left my life for almost 20 years, but not before he talked to me at great length about the “Great Earth Changes” that were destined to occur in the future. In truth, those changes had started long before 1989 and were building toward the times we are in now.

When Da returned it was late 2010. He jumped right into it by saying, “Remember us talking about the Great Earth Changes? We are well into it! There is work to be done!” We talked a long time that night and I remember a twinge of fear moving through my body as he described all that lay ahead for our planet. He warned there would be great upheaval and chaos…lots of chaos! He explained that everything….everything will be held up to the Light and anything that was not aligned with the Light would be exposed for what it is.

We would see the true nature at the core of our government, religions, big business, medical field & education system. No one would be able to hide who they are- deception would no longer be possible. So basically, anyone that is aligned with the dark would be seen for the truth of who they are! This is where we are now. The dark ones can no longer deceive us and it is easy to see the game they are playing…well, that is, for those who are willing to see.

We are in the split. Every soul on the planet is- moment by moment- making a choice to align with the Light and ascend with Mother Earth to the 5th dimensional frequency of love and unity. Or they are choosing to stay in the 3-D realm of separation, which is aligned with fear. The old paradigm of this world is one in which you have given your power away to the controllers of this planet. You are, basically, a slave and not a sovereign being…you are playing the part of a victim. When you choose Love, you are resonating at the higher frequency and those in power cannot maintain control over you. When you are in fear you are lost in the lower frequency of separation, which makes it easy for you to be enslaved.

The download I received yesterday was about those on planet earth that are still asleep- and there are many! As I observed the fear spreading through the population as the “facts” came out about the virus, I was astonished! I felt certain that we, as a whole, had evolved enough and were awake enough to not buy into it. Now, before you get too excited, I will acknowledge there is a virus (or some sort of malady) called COVID-19. I am not going to get into that debate, as the truth of what it really is and the ease with which it is cured is a subject that will resolve itself in time. What absolutely amazed me was how easily the masses were herded like sheep into their homes, closed their businesses and dutifully put on their masks! Not all of us did, but so many obediently acquiesced without question. It was heartbreaking for me to watch. As Jim and I do our grocery shopping, it is clear to see the lines drawn as we move into the split. Those entrenched in fear- wearing their masks, with darting, anxious eyes peering out accusingly at those of us without masks. Some people would see us walking toward them and quickly turn and almost run away! Jim expressed my very thought as he said, “I just want to go up to them and give them a big hug, and say, it’s gonna be okay.”

Now the riots are in full action. Again, this is a planned manipulation of the masses to create distractions and raise the level of fear even higher. How in the world cannot this be seen by humanity? Jim reminds me that not everyone has turned off their tv. OK, sadly that is true. Way too many have still not come into the awareness that they are being programmed by main stream news, popular tv shows, talk shows….well, pretty much all of it is about brainwashing you into accepting the controller’s agenda. And what is that agenda? Agenda 21, of course. If you are reading my blog, you certainly know what that is.

A line you will hear me say often is that humanity has allowed themselves to be put into the role of victim- no one has done this to them. They are complicit through their complacency. You can make excuses by saying that the controllers have manipulated your DNA, you’ve been controlled and brainwashed from the time you were born onto the planet and you’ve been kept distracted and busy just trying to keep food on the table and a roof over your head. All of which is true. Still, there is a responsibility that is borne by every person who chooses to play this game. You chose to come into this drama of contrasts, and you did so with the intent of waking up. I see it as a choice and I’m not buying the excuses. What is really challenging for me is seeing the innocence in the ones still asleep, as they put forth their case for why they hate the very people working to free us or why the virus was really all the WHO & CDC said it was. They parrot what they heard on the 6:00 news, totally oblivious to the stand they are taking against their own best interest and that of their loved ones. If you could pull back the curtain and show them the world they are arguing for, it would stun them beyond words. They have no clue.

The Course in Miracles tells us we can take as long as we want to wake up. We can be as stubborn as we want! Jesus tells us, “That is fine…take as long as you want… I will wait for you.” But it begs the question, why? Why stay in a world of conflict and control. Aren’t you yearning to move into a realm where there is only peace, love and joy? Part of my job has been to meet with you on the astral plane and “read” your frequency. So many are close to the line- almost there, but when encouraged to go for it, they balk. They don’t want to go through the trauma associated with waking up. Really? You would rather stay in a 3-D reality than move into the frequency of love?

So bottom line is we have the dark ones who believe they are superior to us and that this planet belongs to them. They are being exposed by the higher frequencies coming onto the planet, exposed by our current president and by the Patriots who stand with him. You can easily see the fervor with which the dark are fighting back. They are, literally, fighting for their lives. What I don’t understand is how so many can be missing the obvious. How can so many otherwise intelligent, good people not understand what is playing out right in front of their eyes. How can so many speak ill of the very people that are our greatest defenders and hope for true freedom?

Waking up means coming into the realization of who you really are- knowing you are a divine being that does not need to be saved. That you are sovereign, and no one controls you or owns you. It means that you understand you are more than a body- that you are an eternal, powerful being. You are One with your Creator. Waking up means that you are aware of the part you are playing in this game. That you do not live your life in service to self. You share this world with other beings, and you have a level of responsibility to those who are not always able to help themselves. It is incumbent upon all to be aware of the injustices being inflicted upon the innocent ones. To turn away is to condone it. To choose not to see the horrors our controllers have inflicted on our fellow humans is to be in agreement with it.

There are two camps within the “spiritual community”. Those that are more aligned with the  New Age philosophies and believe it best to stay passive, sending love & light to any issues that they feel need healing. And those who believe it is more beneficial to take action. I am somewhere in the middle. I am aware, as you probably are, that the New Age movement was a CIA initiated program to keep people passive. I believe there is good that can come from holding the light and love for social injustices, but I know that we must do more. And I am not talking about taking to the streets in protest. I am just saying that everyone must look at what has taken place….and continues to take place on this planet. The horrid acts of violence and abject control of the masses by those in power. Think for yourself. Stop being controlled. Figure out for yourself who is on your side and wanting to elevate our society and who wants to keep you enslaved! So many still haven’t figured that out.

We are in the split. There are numerous timelines available to us. Which one will we, as a collective, access? Now is the time to wake up. And I am talking about waking up to what is happening on the planet. The controllers are censoring the truth speakers. They are inundating you with lies and working overtime to keep you in the dark. But the truth is there for those wanting to see it. We are at a precipice. Be aware of your frequency and the choices you are making. Don’t give away your sovereign rights. Don’t blindly believe what you are being told- not by anyone and that includes me. We all know the truth- it is within our hearts. Follow that- not your fear-based thoughts. A wonderful new world is almost within reach. A world where we are free in a way you can barely imagine. A world where we no longer experience disease, poverty, oppression, enslavement, inequality and suffering. They are trying to keep us in separation. They want us to believe that those of a different race or color are the problem. They want us blaming each other, so we don’t look at them and realize the truth.

That is what is happening now. This is the event most of us have been waiting for. Those that have been in control for millennium on this planet will not go quietly into the night. It is a battle between the forces of Light and the dark. Do not be fooled. The dark ones are not just “bad, greedy people”. They are aligned with luciferin energy and they are pure evil. Be careful as to which side you are standing with…there can be no bigger decision for you to make.