I had a lecture in Bettendorf on Thursday and from there we headed to Arkansas for the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.  I went at the invitation of my publisher, Dolores Cannon.  She wanted me to meet with a film crew that was doing some taping during the convention.  As it turned out, nothing got set in stone, so the producer and his people all left before I was given the opportunity to meet with them.  Not sure if anything will come of that or not- there was talk of flying me out to California to meet with them, but again, nothing is actually set up.  The movie he is making is going to be called “701”.

While there, some people took pictures with their cell phones and caught a paranormal image of a guy visiting the lectures.  I’ve loaded a few of them on this site.  One was taken while a presenter was talking about time travel.  You can clearly see the solid white form of what is shaped like a human.  The other pictures show the same guy and were taken the next day by someone else.  I was sitting next to her when she took one of the pictures and I will vouch that there was no person standing in the area where the “white dude” is seen.