My guys have taught me a myriad of amazing concepts & universal truths, but I agree with them that the lesson of Oneness is by far the most important…and as Da said, “It  is the one thing humanity needs to learn in order to change our world.” This one idea if accepted and implemented into our belief system would restore our planet and her children to their original state- a state of unification with our Creator. Certainly that is where we are headed, as the 5th dimension is one of unity consciousness, but here is where I have noticed resistance on the part of many people– the idea of Oneness causes fear in them. They believe they are going to get lost…lose themselves. I call it the fear of being homogenized.

It is an understandable fear when you consider how engrained & enamored we are with the idea of being separate. It is a strongly held belief in this world- that is, that we are a body and that all the other bodies we see are completely separate and singular from the body you reside in. We take pride in our specialness and our ability to best another or outdo the other person-whether it’s in business, school, sports or just life in general…it’s all just a big competition. And we love how it feels when “we” or “I” can out perform, outdo or win over “them”.  And isn’t that what our relationships are based on- that high we get when we find the one person in all the world who makes us feel special. It separates you from the pack- suddenly you have something no one else around you seems to have…a love that sets you apart, yes?  Well…no. Sadly, it is just part of the game that is being played on planet earth- a game of distraction to keep you from remembering the truth of who you are. In truth you can’t “get” love from another person- as if you are filling up your tank that has run low.

Love is who we are.  We were created as beings of love…we don’t need to go looking for it- it’s there within us. It’s not an emotion…it’s a state of being. So how do we access this love? And more importantly, how do we overcome our fear of what is really our natural state- that is, a state of Oneness…a state of Love? Remember your teachings from Sunday school? Love is another word for God. Yes, we are all aspects of the Creator…do you feel some resistance at being told you are pure Love, not to mention how it feels to be told you are an aspect of God. But of course you are- it cannot be any other way. The reason you might not be feeling too accepting of this is because you have been taught by this world to believe in your littleness.

Our acceptance of our Oneness needs to start with the idea of surrender. Surrender is a word that also causes some fear in people- they associate it with waiving a white flag and giving in. Well, not really-what it means is “to give up control”.  OH-oh, there I stepped on another highly cherished belief. I’m just tripping all sorts of triggers, aren’t I? Consider this….these teachings are not mine- they come from beings who live in a Universe of prevailing peace and love. Now look around you at what we have in this world…this is the world we have made with our false beliefs, our fear based egos and our misplaced faith. We got it wrong…we got upside down, turned inside out and backwards. Everything we believe is real needs to be questioned.

Surrendering our will- our free will, which was a gift from our Creator, is what is called for at this time in our evolution. We need to see and accept that our free will has been hijacked. Our complete fear based world is not a world that can right itself on its own. We need to call in the Big Guns. Doing a prayer of surrender every day allows the Grace of God to work miracles in your life- restoring you to right mindedness, as The Course in Miracles says. Allowing your Higher Self…Jesus…the Holy Spirit…the Universal Inspiration….call it what you want, but it is that part of our true Self that will guide us back to who we are- which is Love. Only then will our world reflect and transform itself to wholeness.

If you want to learn more about this subject, I highly recommend the teachings of A Course in Miracles. The Course has a workbook that will help you to retrain yourself so that you can begin to see the world through the eyes of Love rather than the distortions caused by a world tainted by fear.